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I have a 3.50 PS4 and a (presumably) 3.70 new in box PS4 Pro. I'd like to transfer the save files from the old PS4 to the new one, then keep the old one at 3.50 forever awaiting a jailbreak. Neither PS4 has ever been connected to the internet, and I do not have a PSN account.

Using the PS4's save data manager, it has an option to transfer to USB, but when I try, it says that it can't connect to the internet. Same with the load from USB option.

There is a method of backing up the PS4 and transferring the whole thing to a new unit. I haven't tried it, and I'm fine with wiping the Pro, but the process also requires both to be on the same firmware and connected to the internet.

Anyone know another method for moving data or how to bypass the online checks?


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You could try disabling automatic updates and blocking Sony's server addresses in the router like in the guide linked HERE and then try connecting to the Internet... I haven't done it (my PS4 is offline and sits in the closet) so it's just an idea at this point. :confused: