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We've seen some PS4 Home Menu Mods, PS4 UI Mod Alphas and PS4 Debug Menu Visual Mods and today PlayStation 4 Modder @Thisismrnameles shared a reupload of his Custom UI PS4 MOD (BETA) demo video on his YouTube Channel. :thumbup:

Although only a Beta he reminds us as he did it purely 'out of boredom' he states, it does feature the PSXHAX Logo making it an instant favorite of ours! <3

Check out his Custom UI PS4 MOD (BETA) demo video and share your comments below.

Custom UI PS4 MOD (BETA) Demo Video by ThisIsMrNameless.jpg



Game Mod Developer
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Good news or bad news
Technically this is still news
I can care less for the music in the video but I never like techno!
Other than that it is what it is

Sametto Chan

Erza Scarlet
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You are from PS3-ID website of owner (Spanish community for modding)

You can't talk english langauge. You have friend are disaster1989 history in spanish a longtime friend.

Disaster1989 are spanish people, it's same for you. He is owner in

Good lucky man!