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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter KINGLILBO509       Start date Nov 11, 2021 at 9:09 AM       6,633       23      
After the nice feedback from my Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG, I (@KINGLILBO509 aka F1R3xS1NN3R on Github) invite everyone in the PS4Scene to check out my new Customized Christmas Dynamic PS4 Theme PKG that I randomly made while working on (figuring out how to make) Dynamic PS4 Themes for some early holiday cheer. ☃️

Download: UP0001-CUSA74563_00-PSTCTHEME0100000-A0000-V0200.pkg / GIT

A better one will be coming soon, as I've put a lot of thought and work into these upcoming PlayStation 4 themes.

Also if anyone would like to lend a hand building PS4 Dynamic Themes I need help with XML and MDX files... but until then I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY AMAZING PEOPLE!
Customized Christmas Dynamic PS4 Theme PKG by F1R3xS1NN3R.png



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Thanks for sharing @KINGLILBO509, today is the first day this year they're playing Christmas music on the local radio so the holidays are quickly approaching... over the weekend we're supposed to see the first snow fall this season also. ❄️


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Actually two wallpapers in one. A blue wallpaper with a snowman and a red "Merry Christmas" wallpaper. My only complaint is that the all red can really mess with your eyes if you got used to the main blue paper with the snowman.