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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter KINGLILBO509       Start date Oct 7, 2021 at 12:57 AM       15      
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Here's a customized Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG made by me @KINGLILBO509 (aka F1R3xS1NN3R on Github) using @MODDEDWARFARE's PS4 Theme Creator tool for Windows... it's very useful if you like making your own PlayStation 4 themes! 💯 :fire: :sneaky:

Download: (33.9 MB) / UP0001-CUSA13666_00-PSTCTHEME0100000-A0000-V0200.pkg (18.8 MB) / Latest Release / GIT

I'm new to the PS4 Scene but picking up very quickly so thank you to MODDED_WARFARE via Twitter for all the video tutorials on MODDED WARFARE's YouTube Channel, they have seriously helped me at times I was stuck.. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK HIM OUT including his new PS4 Patch Builder v1.3.2 update for building modded update PKGs! :tup:

This comes following the previous PS4 Theme Editor, PS4 Theme Creator v1.2, Dumping PS4 Themes Tutorial, Making / Installing Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG's Tutorial, Making a License for Official PS4 Theme PKGs in Windows Guide, PS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI Front-End, DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Converter for Dynamic PS4 Themes and How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme Guide with a Permanent PS4 Themes Archive spreadsheet also available.
Customized Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG by F1R3xS1NN3R.png


Thank you very much!! ill be uploading more and better ones here very soon

im going to make a dubstep, juice wrld, and halloween theme
Sounds like a plan, we can also link a Ko-fi / Patreon / PayPal / etc appearing in the right margin of all your topics... so for example, if someone requests a custom theme you make they can support your work directly.
Thank you guys so much for your support I'm starting new themes tonight and they will be better and more to theme 🥳 💯

if anybody wants to throw some ideas out there please and I'm going to be coming out with a lot more themes if people really like this idea

I don't see a lot of custom made themes so I'd like start this thread (or make it one for people looking for cool custom themes)
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