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Since their initial announcement last fall, TeamRICOCHET recently shared an updated Ricochet Anti-Cheat Technology progress report that now includes a Damage Shield mitigation technique incorporated into Warzone... meaning if the server determines a player is manipulating the game in real-time, their ability to inflict damage upon others will be disabled when cheating is detected. :sneaky:

Below is the full press release from their blog at, to quote: RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Progress Report – Season Two Update

With the global rollout of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel level driver on PC, Call of Duty: Warzone saw a significant drop of in-game cheat reporting, according to internal data.

TeamRICOCHET was able to catch and disable accounts quickly, bringing cheating within Warzone to an all-time low during the holiday break.

As time has progressed cheat developers have looked for new ways to try to exploit the game. Some have succeeded, many have not. While a recent rise in cheating is not at the level it was during Verdansk, according to our data, any increase is frustrating.

Our team is constantly monitoring and will continue every effort to prevent and combat this wherever possible. This back and forth is expected, and while anti-cheat is not a magic bullet, this is a battle we’re committed to fighting.

Data Collection & Mitigation

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat relies on data to identify cheating behavior and make our banwaves more impactful. As we collect data from machines determined to be cheating, our goal is to ensure they aren’t taking wins from our deserving community.

TeamRICOCHET also uses several in-game mitigations to reduce the impact of cheating players, beyond banning accounts. One mitigation technique we’ve been testing is something we call Damage Shield.

When the server detects a cheater is tampering with the game in real-time, it disables the cheater’s ability to inflict critical damage on other players. This mitigation leaves the cheater vulnerable to real players and allows TeamRICOCHET to collect information about a cheater’s system. We track these encounters to ensure there is no possibility for the game to apply a Damage Shield randomly or by accident, no matter the skill level.

To be clear, we will never interfere in gunfights between law-abiding community members. Damage Shield is now out of testing and deployed across the globe. This is only one of many mitigations we have in-game, with more live and in development. Since activating new mitigations in the last few weeks, we have seen a decline in cheat reporting, but we know the work is never done.

As always, if you do encounter a cheater, make sure to use the in-game reporting tool. That information is helpful for TeamRICOCHET. New mitigations are launching periodically. You might start seeing clips of our new tricks soon, but we won’t ruin the surprise.

TeamRICOCHET will always strive to be as transparent as possible; however, our cards need to be kept close to our chest with respect to our detection systems and other mitigation to keep that info secure from bad actors.

Unified Security & Enforcement Policy

We are proud to announce our security team has made changes to our security enforcement policy for modern PC and console titles within the Call of Duty universe. Previously, this adjustment was only applied to Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Going forward, extreme, or repeated violations of the security policy – such as in-game cheating – may result in a permanent suspension of all accounts.

Additionally, any attempt to hide, disguise, or obfuscate your identity or the identity of your hardware devices may also result in a permanent suspension.

Permanent suspensions for security infractions apply to any infractions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Vanguard, as well as future titles in the Call of Duty franchise. Read the Call of Duty Security and Enforcement Policy.
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Good. Even though there are still gonna be cheaters they have lost a hugh chunk of their audience already because of it. I gave up months ago myself when i had multiple games back to back from wall hackers and people just sitting outside of the map waiting for the gas to kill everyone.

About time they do something but its sad that these hacks can be pushed out faster than the official support can do to mitigate them... like why are you even being paid 🤣
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