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Recently developer halvardssm made available a companion app script for the Dark Chronicle (also known as Dark Cloud 2 in North America) PS2 on PS4 action role-playing game (RPG) by Level-5 via Github. šŸ˜ƒ

Download: / GIT

From the A base app which uses React, Typescript, i18next translations with POEditor, React-router, Parcel, Font Awesome, SCSS and styled components

Below are a few Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) PS2 vs PS4 comparison videos for those interested... I still fondly remember playing it on PS2 back in the day <3

Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) PS2 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison
Dark Cloud 2 PS2 vs. PS4
Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) PS2 on PS4 Companion App by Halvardssm.jpg


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Dark Cloud 2 still looks and plays as amazing as anything current gen. PCSX2 emulates it perfectly and upscales to 4k or 1080p if you have at least a mid-grade PC.
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