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It's New Year's Eve, and to close 2018 with a bang following his Dying Light PS4 Dev / Cheat Menu from yesterday PlayStation 4 developer @DeathRGH on Discord released his next PS4 Dev / Cheat Menu via Twitter... this time being for Dead Island: Riptide 1.03 complete with a demo video below.

Remember to party like it's 2019 tonight everyone!! :bananaman13: :bananaman9: :bananaman8: :bananaman10:

Download: EP4062-CUSA03290_00-RIPTIDEGAME00000-A0199-V0103.pkg (62.69 MB) / EP4062-CUSA03291_00-DEADISLANDGAME00-A0199-V0103.pkg (89.19 MB)

From the video's caption, to quote: Following my Dying Light dev menu release, here is a custom made one for Dead Island Riptide.

Dead Island: Riptide 1.03 PS4 Dev/Cheat Menu
Dead Island Riptide 1.03 PS4 Dev Cheat Menu by DeathRGH.jpg



I tried the same and wanted the blueprints for z. B. expand the adhesive bomb to have firearms in the list.

Also want to change the jump height, speed and XP as well as drop chances on certain items. But I left it at about 70/80% completion, because then I would have only a file as a game score (so useless).

Can you join the dev menu via LAN in a normal lobby, or is the dev menu just useless if you want to share something with others ...
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