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Here is the dilemma I have been trying to workout for the past couple months... I need other opinions on if there is a way for my account to be redeemed/played or if I jailbroke my PS4 to bypass PSN could I still play on my account that has the save data on the PS4? Any and all help/opinions/thoughts are appreciated!

To quote from my own post on How is this possible?

For a 2nd party/business to have control over whether a player can or cannot login to their account on Destiny? Let me explain the nightmare of an issue that I have been dealing the past 2 weeks.

2 Sundays ago I received an email from PSN out of no where stating my account had been permanently suspended... after reading it at first I thought it was one of those scams where people send you something fake about your account to try and get you to freak out and “login” so they can access your account information. I looked at the sender and it was in fact a legit playstation email, reason for the ban was “An attempt to defraud someone, access their account, or obtain their personally identifying information without consent.”...all of which I had never done and the closest thing I could think of that could be even remotely close is giving a PSN to another player so they can join off them or add to friends to play with at a later time. Never given my login information to anyone else so impossible for another person to have done it unless they hacked my acct which I would have gotten an email notice for someone signing in from another location. Never received a single warning or ban from PSN for anything previously.

So I logged into PS4 to see what happened and what do you know I am offline. Got in contact with PSN (the absolute worst customer service in the history of customer service) 10+ times to try and get answers from someone on what the deal is and what exactly their reasoning was for banning me and every single one (if I didn’t get hung up on or fake disconnected) was the same copy & paste answer, no proof to support their reason, no “well when you did _______”, nothing. Unbelievably frustrating and completely demolished my support of this company I have supported since the OG PS in 96. So I say to myself “Well whatever at least I still have my Destiny account, I guess I will just have to play from PC that I had cross saved on, get on Stadia, or buy an Xbox.”

So here is where the dilemma steps up another notch... I log into my Bungie acct and go to cross save that I had set up when the steam switch first happened. My Steam cross save is authenticated... but my PSN is NOT, when it was!!! Can’t re-authenticate it because PSN will not allow you to log in once they ban you. NO WAY... I do some research and find this post Bungie had put out September 8 2019...” We are investigating an issue where account authentication may become undone as some players attempt to enable Cross Save.” I contact Bungie about the cross save issue I have ran into and get the copy paste treatment again.

So back to the title.. how is this possible??? You are telling me there is absolutely no way for me to be able to access my Destiny account now that I have had since D1, have 1400+ hours on, spent hundreds of dollars yearly through eververse on, because a 2nd party wrongfully decided to take me off their platform? You’re telling me I am SOL though I have 15 other ways to be able to verify it’s my account? I have worked in customer service in one form or another the past 17 years of my life and have never heard of something so insane. This would not be an issue with SO MANY other games out there so PLEASE tell me there is someone at Bungie that can help me with this and not tell me this is impossible because it’s not.

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