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With E3 2017 wrapping up today, Bungie shared details of Destiny 2's PlayStation Exclusive content coming on September 6th alongside a Destiny 2 Our Darkest Hour PS4 trailer video below! :)

Here's what to expect, straight from DeeJ to quote: This is DeeJ, reporting from E3 where we just introduced you to the enemy you’ll face in Destiny 2. Meet Dominus Ghaul.

This all-new adventure kicks off with a surprise attack on the City. You’re about to face the most dreaded foe we’ve ever sent against the Guardians. To mount a counter-attack and take back our home, you’ll need to venture back into the wild to master new forms of combat, collect some new loot, and reunite our forces. We know you’re up to the challenge.

To help you prepare for the final battle against the Cabal Empire, we’ll have some PlayStation exclusives to augment your experience. On PlayStation 4, you’ll find an additional competitive multiplayer map, a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white colored ship, specialized gear sets, and an exclusive exotic weapon. Check ‘em out:

Your chance to experience the action for yourself will be in the Destiny 2 Beta. You can be among the first to play on July 18 if you pre-order. We’re looking for every Guardian, new or returning, to join this adventure.

If you’re a veteran of the Tower, or have studied our community from afar, this is a great time to join us as a protector of humanity. This new journey across the solar system and back begins on September 6.

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