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Following his BMK AT9 & AT3 Converter for PS4 and VitaShellMod VPK Update, developer @BenMitnicK recently made available a Debian Buster X64 Development Environment Ready-To-Use for PS4 / PS3 / PSP / PS Vita / Switch / XBox 360 Devkit on Twitter for scene devs to make use of split in 5 parts totaling around 5 GB below. :geek:

Download: Debian-Buster-Dev_X64.7z.001 (1 GB - Part 1) / Debian-Buster-Dev_X64.7z.002 (1 GB - Part 2) / Debian-Buster-Dev_X64.7z.003 (1 GB - Part 3) / Debian-Buster-Dev_X64.7z.004 (1 GB - Part 4) / Debian-Buster-Dev_X64.7z.005 (831.57 MB - Part 5) / GIT

And from the Debian-Buster-X64-Dev-Env

Development Environment (Ready-To-Use)


I have prepare for you an development Virtual Machine. for you to develop on your favorite consoles. It's a ready-to-use VM.

It is based on the Linux Debian Buster X64 operating system.

The installed *** are as follows:
  • ****** (CTurt)
  • ****** (BigBoss 5.05) + liborbis
  • PS3SDK
  • PSPSDK (M33)
  • SWITCH (DevKitPro)
  • Xenon (Xbox360)
You can install the *** for 3DS, DS, Wii, WiiU if you want by going under this link at the bottom of the page.

The VM was created under VirtualBox 6 with a graphical environment, Kate was installed to edit your files and additional components were installed for an operational environment.

Nevertheless once VirtualBox installed under linux you must type this command under your linux host
sudo usermod -aG vboxusers $USER
if you wish to use your usb key under the VM and go in the options of the VM under USB and choose USB 3.0.

For file sharing just go in the settings of the VM then left "Shared Folders" then the small + right and for the options check "Auto-mount" and of course go get the folder you want share.

Good development to all.

Development Environment Ready-To-Use for PS4 Devkit by BenMitnicK.jpg



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Nice, lots of user dev stuff coming out lol. At least we are still aware they are working on something even if it's something small every step counts for the future.


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I'm in the US and the links are working here with the Touch VPN browser add-on extension... or using the Tor browser proxy should also. ;)