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Since his History Blocker Payload and following the Guide to Dump PS4 Disc Games and PS4 Game Backup / Decryption Tutorial, PlayStation 4 developer @stooged made available a DiscDump 50X payload to copy / dump content and files from a PS4 optical drive to a USB HDD on jailbroken 5.05 Firmware. :fire:

Download: DiscDump.bin / DiscDump.html / GIT

To quote from stooged on the release in the forums: "its not super fast but it will dump the files to a folder named Disc_Dump on a usb drive.

just insert the disc into the drive and then run the payload.

if you use a new game disc if it asks you about updating just select cancel and then run the payload."

DiscDump 50X Payload Dump from PS4 Optical Drive to USB by Stooged.jpg



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@jd200 literally pointless, without PFS keys or decryption (dumping while running on higher FW) these games/dumps will never work.


True @DEFAULTDNB, but maybe editing the param.sfo file with the 5.50 games (march-april) this games maybe can run because it is very possible that the encryption key is the same like on 5.05.

Like with the 4.70 games on 4.55 in the past.


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Is SAMU cracked ?
A Big No,
But hope again !!
So how can we playing 5.XX games on 5.05 ?

Right now Nintendo switch scene is faster than PS4 !!!


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There's only three option.....

1) there is 6.xx jailbreak, but it's private and wont be released in public.
2) there is 6.xx jailbreak, but it's private and it will be released in public
3) there's no possibility to exploit console past 5.05 firmware

If 1 is true,.there's still a possibility that one day a way to play higher fw games on 5.05 will be possible, or to play any game on any firmware (keys).

If 2 is true, then it's just matter of time and patience.

If 3 is true, very soon will be no one left with jailbreaked console.

Meaning, we'll just have to wait and see, for now 1 is most likely a case, but maybe i'm wrong.
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