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Today Square Enix announced that the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Free Edition is now available on PlayStation 4 with the official PS4 launch trailer video and details below! :D

Points of Interest
  • In the Free Edition, you can play online and offline battles with four pre-selected characters. The characters change weekly.
  • Story mode is not available in the Free Edition.
  • Some aspects of the Free Edition differ from the full version of the game (in addition to the differences described above).
  • You must be a PlayStation Plus member and have a stable Internet connection to play online multiplayer mode.
  • There are two types of characters: the 28 from the full version, who appear in the weekly lineup for the Free Edition, and DLC characters, who won't appear in the weekly lineup. Please be aware of this when purchasing starter packs.
  • You can battle online against users from the full version.
  • You can carry over your Free Edition save data to the full version.
Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy.
  • 1 Player
  • Network Players 2-6 - Full game requires PlayStation Plus membership to access online multiplayer
  • Online Play (Optional)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT : Free Edition - PS4 Launch Trailer
Final Fantasy PS4 - Something for Everyone
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition Out, PS4 Launch Trailer.jpg
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