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Akin to popular PlayStation 4 survival game Days Gone, here's the official PS4 trailer video to Don't Even Think! 🐺

According to the description: Don't Even Think is an asymmetric PvP survival game. Officially available on the PlayStation Store on July 10, North America will be the first stop in the launch plan.

I don't know if I'd consider playing this shooter in the dark... :eek:

Don't Even Think PS4 Release Date Trailer
Don't Even Think PS4 Launch Trailer
Don't Even Think PS4 Release Date and Trailer Video Arrives.jpg



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Lol well, buy another console I have 3 consoles 2 on 5.05 and one on 6.71. You don't have to get a new console buy a used one I paid $40 bucks for the one I have 6.71 on and it even came with a controller. Of course, it didn't read games but a new laser for $15 bucks and it was good as new.
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