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Proceeding the PS5 BD-JB Presentation, PS5 BD-J Pong Homebrew Game Test and his PS4 Magic USB for Jailbroken PlayStation 4 Consoles here's a Doom BD-J PS5 Blu-ray Disc Java Homebrew Game demonstration video from @jose gozalez (aka josegar21481364 on Twitter) of the Blu-Play DOOM I Port previously released. 🔵

Download: Doom-BluPlay.iso (5.5 MB) / Mirror via

:idea: Keep in mind, the Java platform for Blu-ray players is called BD-J and these are primarily [U]Java[/U] homebrew game ports that can be made to run on a variety of supported devices including Blu-ray players and Sony consoles like PS3 / PS4 / PS5... so they don't require hacks like Chaining With A Kernel Exploit (for PS5 Debug Settings) as outlined in TheFloW's PS5 BD-JB Talk last week. :ninja:

While many in the PlayStation 5 Scene await a full PS5 Jailbreak that can be utilized for playing PS5 Game Dumps to be publicly released, it may be quite some time before that happens... so PS5 BD-J Homebrew Games allow those that don't want to update their consoles to play something in the meantime. :giggle:

Of course it'll be handy to have an archive (or torrent?) of ready-made PS5 BDJ Homebrew Game .iSO's that can be easily burned to BD-R / BD-RW (preferred) discs with a guide on how to port your own, but for now here's a quick recap of some worth trying... and if you haven't done so yet, check out as well:
Doom BD-J PS5

After the PS3_Pong_Ready_to_Go_Pack, you can play doom.

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DOOM has become a cult classic for new hardware, its very well documented, has A LOOOT of current working source ports for references, so yeah DOOM requiring very little hardware to run has been ported and will be ported to pretty much anything, usually a proof of concept much like this is.


I just hope after (if) this exploit turns to be a full jailbreak with kernel exploit they will give us some sort of payload or a thing we can run on 9.00 without bd drive to activate this exploit.

I dont have a bd burner and don't know if i find a guy with bd burner on his store also rewritable bd disc so we can update it when it gets newer versions. I basically want a way to activate bd disc exploit without a bd disc lol..