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DOOM: The Definitive Homebrew Edition for PS4 / PS5 by yours truly @SnakePlissken aka _SnakePlissken1 on X and snakeplissken2862 on YouTube with the Devs at is the absolute best way to play DOOM & DOOM II on Jailbroken PS4 consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene and Hacked PS5 consoles in the PlayStation 5 Scene using the 4.03 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.50 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.51 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler or other payloads via the PS5 Kstuff Porting Tool! 🤩

This time the engine that started it all, PlisskenDooM now at v3, has been enhanced to run all episodes of DOOM (no longer just the first episode) and on top of that it also runs DOOM II featuring all its new weapons, enemies and mechanics.

Support has been bumped up to Ultimate DooM standards meaning that if can run any version of DOOM or DOOM II .wad (where all the data is) files that have been released; up to DOOM and DOOM II .wad's from the BFG edition!

Furthermore, there are dynamic lights everywhere and EVERYTHING from the particle system to graphical renderer right down to each and every texture and sprite has been reworked. The entire game has been of a revision and/or has been REMASTERED into what could be considered the finest DOOM release ever, regardless of platform; however perhaps you should download and be the judge, rip and tear until it is done.

  • The shader on the dead pinky demon and some other things needs to be fixed, sometimes it renders like a 2d billboard that dose not face the camera.
  • We are working on a fix for Sectors of maps not being lit properly and are at full brightness when they shouldn't be, for example: when you obtain the blue keycard on that one level and then the lights cut off the room should be dark, there are no dark rooms in this build and its our top priority to fix this issue.
  • This is early alpha stages and a lot needs to be done still, but this is to good so far not to release: it had to be done. :)
  • The pause menu is very buggy, try not to use it unless you want to select a different chapter. The options button opens pause menu and R3 (right joystick button) closes the main menu wile the Fire button (R1) skips the intermission scoreboard screens.
  • The weapon tilting and bobbing on the pistol is experimental so I decided not to put it on any other weapons until its complete. Feel free to tell me what you think of this feature, feedback appreciated.
  • Some switch and teleport walls and flat textures are not aligned correctly, will fix this in future update.
  • I decided to release this now before I 'enhance' this to such a degree that people may not appreciate it as some like things to be a 1 to 1 port of the original. My plans for future updates are to make this so next-gen that it would be dame near indistinguishable from what it is today. In the short term I plan on fixing the blood particle system, currently the timer on blood decals on walls and floors are so short it causes issues with resetting scale of these objects in the scripts: you'll notice on some levels blood decals are large, on others they are small.
  • The end goal is to replicate something like the mod 'BRUTAL DOOM' where the user can execute fatalities, infact I would like to replicate this mod almost 1 to 1 in future update.
  • Thank you for playing and downloading.
  • I have basic .pk3 support in editor but can't replicate the code of the .zip library to function on PS4 / PS5, so for now there is no .pk3 mods folder, sorry about this. However there may be .pwad functionality if you can find the streamingassets/pwads folder in the game installed location via FTP, but this is not been tested on platform.
  • This game features components from another doom in unity project, added to PlisskenDooM engine to further support. The doom in unity project was decompiled by myself and recompiled elements back into unity within the master PlisskenDooM project source code template. The name of their work was DOOMITY as featured on here: DOOMITY Public Beta Released

:alert: The save and load features in the pause menu are still under development, clicking on save seems to cause the game to go into a state where all you can do is restart the app so this option should be avoided for now.

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Wow you genuinely remade the entire game in a custom engine?! Props to you, how long did it take?

I remember going back and replaying all the doom games a couple years ago, sick to see people still loving this game enough to go to the lengths of fully porting it to a completely unrelated console
I just fixed sector lighting, going to do a few other things then release a update here soon. :)

fun fact: if you have a .pk3 texture pack of your own you should be able to extract its contents to the streamingassets/graphics folder if you can find it on your playstation after game is installed. :)

i have a lot planned for this title even after the fix sector lights update so keep a eye out for things in the future! :)

i also been thinking of making other platform builds perhaps for vita but not sure how in demand this would be
I'm going to give this a try tonight. Doom and Wolfenstein were my two favorite games as a kid. They are what got me into PC gaming.

For years I only had the demo that had the first 1 or 2 episodes. I wore that thing out. I played the releases on PSN years ago and now I'm going to give yours a try. Props man, your keeping a legend alive.
if i had a way to compile to ps4 from 2021.3.6 (or up) i would be able to decompile, and brutal'fy and enhance bethseda's official release and compile as homebrew to ps4. if anyone reads this in the future and has the means. do get in contact with me here or on X or somewhere please. thank you

i just got No Rest For The Living DLC working. works great. hard as hell tho. i'll get another DLC working, and release the two dlc .pkg's when done. next few days i'm sure.

i was able to get the SIGIL doom 1 DLC to work but John Romero made so many sectors in this DLC that to have unity recreate all from just the first map in unity it would be to many gameobjects in scene for unity to handle on ps4 and i get like 2 frames a second