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Those in the PS4Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 console seeking new PS4 PKG Games to play may encounter Base64 Encoded links or Torrent Magnet links in addition to standard Web-based download links.

Following our PSXHAX Member Verification & PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) Sharing Guide, this beginner's guide outlines how to decode and download PS4 FPKG Games from encoded links or torrent magnets to help newcomers in the PlayStation 4 Scene learn the basics. :geek:

Downloading Base64 Encoded PS4 PKG Games
When downloading PS4 Game PKGs you may come across a something that looks like a random text string, for example:

What the heck is that.. Where is the download link??!

:arrow: The answer is that's a Base64-encoded link, often used by uploaders to prevent automated BOTs and compliance agents from reporting or removing file downloads.

In order to decode the text string and get the actual download link, simply copy and paste it into a site like, click the green 'Decode' button and in the area below you'll see the decoded URL link as pictured:

Downloading PS4 PKG Games That Are Base64 Encoded or Torrents Guide 2.png

In the above example the resulting URL link was that of this guide (, but in most cases the decoded link would be the URL of the PS4 FPKG Game file you're seeking to download. Leech away! 🏴‍☠️

What to Do About Old / Non-working PS4 PKG Game Links
Sometimes a PS4 PKG Game you want to download has old / non-working links, if this happens there are (5) things you can do:

1. Cry 😭 (This won't solve the problem, but may help you feel better).

2. Request someone to mirror the dead links in the private section Sticky thread for reporting dead PKG links.

3. Request someone to mirror the dead links in the private section Title ID's forum topic directly.

4. Request someone to mirror the dead links in the requests section of the 'floating' Area51 Discord Channel linked in the Step 7 Spoiler.

5. Download the PS4 FPKG from a Torrent Magnet to avoid waiting for someone to mirror dead links.

Downloading PS4 PKG Games from Torrent Magnets
:alert: Warning: As with all online activity, torrenting is done at your own risk (see HERE) so using a proxy / VPN is advised! :alert:

There are a wide range of BitTorrent Clients available to compare... I typically use the open source fork of Vuze / Azureus called BiglyBT (GIT) or qBitTorrent on occasion also.

For this example, we'll use the following PS4 PKG Game torrent magnet link:


If you copy and paste the above into a BitTorrent DHT search engine, it will return the following result:


Next, fire up your preferred BT Client and select 'Open Torrent' (or similar option) and paste the PS4 FPKG Game magnet link in as shown below and press 'OK' to start:


The client will automatically search for and download the required torrent metadata:


When it's finished, you'll see a prompt window similar to this showing the PS4 PKG Game torrent file's name, MD5 Hash, contents and file sizes:


Assuming there is enough hard drive space, click 'OK' and it will initialize the file transfer to begin downloading the PS4 FPKG Game. Leech away! 🏴‍☠️


:idea: Tip: If there aren't enough Peers, on the 'Privacy' (or similar) tab you can enable other networks including Public IP (not anonymous), I2P, The Onion Router (Tor), etc and 'Search DHT' to lookup Peers.

🧲 You can also revive some torrent magnets by following THIS format and swapping the MD5 Hash with your target's... noting that HEX values A-F must be in uppercase, so in our example it would be:


Paste that URL in your Web browser and it will automatically open the cached torrent in your PC's default BT Client to download. Leech away! 🏴‍☠️

That's about it for this guide on downloading PS4 PKG Games that are Base64-encoded or Torrent magnet links. If anyone wants to contribute another tutorial, you can do so by posting it in the News Submissions forum for mainpaging here and we'll share it on social media also. :kitty:

⚠️ Reminder: Never ask for / hint / share files in the public forums (doing so will result in a permanent ban), instead join everyone in private by following the PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) Sharing Guide to become Verified and get your Blue Verified Badge!
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