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Last month Sony quietly shutdown a game's servers with no warning 😑, and as many are spending hundreds of hours creating MadeInDreams content for use with Dreams on PS4 it only makes sense to be able to backup / export and download level data but unfortunately this isn't the case... enter Jaames (aka Rakujira on Twitter) of who's working on a Dreams PS4 API Proxy & Network Reverse-Engineering project with his ultimate goal being to resolve this issue!

It's still a work-in-progress (WIP), but those interested in lending a hand can do so via Github where you'll find detailed API proxy & network reverse-engineering documentation for Media Molecule's Dreams PlayStation 4 video game. :geek:

Download: / GIT

From the to quote: Dreams API

API proxy & reverse-engineering notes for Media Molecule's Dreams; a rad user-generated-content game on the PS4.

Currently consists of a NodeJS API proxy that handles auth headers for you, plus some documentation


The Dreams community is incredible, although the lack of export/backup options concerns me a little bit considering the sheer number of hours that people have put into making content. It would be a damn shame if Sony decided to pull the plug on all of these wonderful creations one day - so my ultimate goal is finding a way to download level data before then!

It's also... just kinda fun to figure out how things work :p

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter or email me via github at jamesdaniel dot dev.

Proxy Setup

Requires a NodeJS install (tested on v12.17.0) with NPM

Clone the repo from Github:
git clone
Then inside the repo directory, install dependencies:
npm install
Copy apiconfig.example.json to apiconfig.json
cp apiconfig.example.json apiconfig.json
Then start the server:
npm run start
Dreams PS4 API Proxy & Network Reverse-Engineering by Jaames.jpg
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