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Those seeking to use their PS4 DualShock 4 Controller for PC gaming may already be aware of DS4Windows from Jays2Kings (GIT), but recently boganhobo (GIT) forked and updated the DS4 application with the help of Chamilsaan to support Sony's official Bluetooth adapter... meaning you can now use Dualshock 4's headphone jack and touchpad with DS4Windows! (y)

Download: DS4Windows.exe (3.06 MB) / (676 KB for those seeking PS4MouseToController to use with FPS games)

To quote from on this latest update: "DS4Windows tricks your PC into seeing the DualShock as an Xbox controller, which allows it to work in pretty much any game with controller support.

Now you can have the best of both worlds: the same old DS4Windows support, but with the added benefits of the Sony adapter’s strong Bluetooth range and full use of the headphone jack and touchpad.

Because DS4Windows is an open source project, boganhobo created a project fork to support Sony’s adapter."

Below is a DS4Windows demonstration video, and thanks to for the news. :)

this set of files should produce the necessary keys for the GP2040-CE PS4 Mode. You can quickly find it via google search but i've decided to put it here for you to use. This will make the device be able to skip 8 minute timeout
  • (789.79 KB - includes ds4sig.bin,,, jedi_flash-Aug_3_2013.bin, jedi_flash, Aug_3_2013.idc, and ps4nonce.bin via GodzIvan)
emulating ps4 controller without 8 minute timeout

From the included
# ds4
Tools for working with DualShock 4

With fw of controller, it is possible to do interesting things like:
 * flash custom fw to controller
 * learn how all aspects of controller works
 * implement native pairing on other host devices
 * present custom hardware as "official" DS4 to PS4

- GodzIvan -

Working ????


Can we use wired connection like the ScpDriver on the ps3? Windows 10 destroyed my bluetooth driver on my laptop.
Edit: It works.
the DS4 works with my new LG tv with web OS.

LOL have never tried this, put a controller in the usb of tv...

btw DS3 dont work
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