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After being discontinued by PlayStation Now and receiving Enso CFW support, Sony's PlayStation TV just got a pair of Henkaku DSMotion plugins which add DS3 / DS4 motion control support for PS TV with DualShock controllers. :love:

Download: dsmotion.skprx / dsmotion.suprx / GIT

To quote from PlayStation TV developer OperationNT on the DSMotion control PS TV plug-ins: PlayStation TV driver for DualShock 3 and 4 controllers completly ignore their gyroscope and accelerometers values.

Therefore, games which require some motion control cannot be played. DSMotion plugins allow to fix this limitation. It is separated into a user and a kernel plugin.


In order to activate those plugins featues, you must edit your `ux0:tai/config.txt` file:

Replace TITLEID00 by a title identifier which needs motion control or by ALL to affect all titles.

  • PCSF00214 - Tearaway - Parts where you need to shake the PS Vita works now on PS TV by shaking the controller!
  • It only works for titles which are not signed (homebrews or Vitamin/MaiDumpTools dumps).
  • If a DualShock 3 controller is used, it must not be directly plugged with USB on the PS TV otherwise, signal will be sent through USB instead of BlueTooth (and it won't be catched): use an external charger for the controller.
  • It doesn't work well on classic PS Vita with "ds4vita": for an unknown reason, motion control samples seems to be too much spaced over time.
  • It hooks documented "SceMotion" user functions instead of undocumented "SceMotionDev" kernel functions: if we could understand those kernel functions, we could have more compatibility with a single kernel plugin (no more need for a user plugin).
  • Device orientation quaternion and rotation matrix are not currently accurate: they give unstable result and they don't support full orientation, feel free to give help if you have some maths/IMU skills!
Please read all other limitations in "README.MD" before reporting any issue!

There are 2 plugins:
  • Kernel plugin dsmotion.skprx: it hooks BlueTooth calls to catch DualShock controller packets and exposes user services to get the intercepted motion data
  • User plugin dsmotion.suprx: it calls the kernel plugin services and reinterprets the given data for SceMotion functions return
  • xerpi for his "ds3vita" and "ds4vita" plugins source code which helped me a lot to understand BlueTooth communication!
  • TheFlow for his "VitaShell" source code which helped me to understand how to export functions from kernel plugin and call them in user plugin
  • YifanLu for Henkaku which makes everything possible (except coffee) on this device!
DSMotion DualShock 3  DS4 Motion Control PlayStation TV Plugins.jpg



This doesn't work in Gravity Rush. The one game that really needs it. Seems like these still needs a lot of work before it's useful for the end users.

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