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Proceeding the Official PS5 PKGs, Raw PS5 Game RiPs, more PS5 Game Images, first PS5Scene iSO Images, additional PlayStation 5 Game Dumps, signed PS5 Scene Rules, Release Standards & NFOs and Astro's Playroom PS5 HDD ASTROBOOT File Dump today @zecoxao aka notzecoxao (PayPal Page 💙) on Twitter shared a Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way Tutorial alongside an updated PS5 FTP Payload with details below. 🥳

Download: payload.bin (0.02 MB - 4.03 only - a few changes to ftp payload: smaller size, added original credits to psxdev) / FTPS5.7z (393.25 KB) via notzecoxao / FTPS5: PS5 FTP for Webkit 4.03 / 4.50 / 4.51 / payload.bin (20.48 KB - dumps any ps5 game currently mounted, eboot.bin and modules get dumped) / / PS5FTP GIT (PS5FTP With SELF Decryption) by @zecoxao on Github aka notnotzecoxao

From Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way


or CUSAXXXXX-app0 (should have a bunch of files and folders inside, sce_sys, sce_module, eboot.bin, etc)


1: Start your purchased PSN game
2. Minimize your PSN game by pressing the PS Button and going to Home
3. Either burn your bd-jb2 iso using IMGBurn+iso or by drag and drop using opened iso + pen usb based bd
4. Launch bd-jb iso
5. Load ftp payload.bin
6. Note down IP and port
7. Go to Filezilla and type down IP and port (username and pass not required)
8. Navigate to /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/PPSAXXXXX-app0 (can also be CUSAXXXXX-app0)
9. Grab ALL files from there.
10. Upload to a file sharing service (mega, gdrive, etc)

:idea: Verified Members (Verification Guide) add all file dumps in the private Share area, and our Staff will move them as time permits... with a dedicated PS5 Game File Dump section coming soon for archivists and tinkerers. 🏴‍☠️

no, not decrypted. but everything is unpacked and we can find fun things inside
not yet. either the bd-jb ftp needs to be permanent or the webkit needs to have the ability to launch payloads
there is no exploit for ps4 9.03 or higher. I don't do miracles
You leave PS5 on blue screen and change disc. I'm doing it right now. I can install disc and view. Without losing ftp or JB
not yet, I'm waiting for sleirsgoevy to do the port
yes, please. also try to dump /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/PPSAXXXXX-app0 with new ftp payload and tutorial i released
anybody tried enabling NPXS20993 permanently yet (this is debug settings) by setting it to active?
make sure you do this test on a 4.03 console which has NO GAMES INSTALLED
bd-jb is still for 4.03 and it's the only userland exploit that can launch payloads
debug settings is located in system_ex/rnps/apps/NPXS40008/appdb/NPXS20993
it contains a 0 byte file called ignore_cex.dat (cex-dex.rar - 180 Bytes, includes ignore_devkit.dat, ignore_testkit.dat and ignore_cex.dat via LeGenD_ArMoUR_). maybe mounting system_ex as RW will make it able to show permanently on ps5 retails?
/mnt/rnps :)

Spoiler: Additional Tweets & PS5 System File Dumps

Instructions on dumping disc games on PS5 4.03 webkit:

1. Load up your disc based PS5 game (make sure it installs)
2. Load up webkit via preferred host and wait for elf loader.
3. Inject Ps5ftp.elf by notzecoxao
4. Connect via ftp to PS5
5. Navigate to /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt
little correction here, only the folders that end with -app0 or -patch0 are required. the folders that end with -union or with -nest aren't required
Yep updates are in folder /mtn/sandbox/pfsmnt/PPSAXXXX-app0-patch0-union, this will only be the day1 update that ships with the game
6. Pull all files and folders from PPSAXXXX (X represents game ID)
7. Enjoy your fully dumped backup of your disc game! :)
Right.... But if you connect to Internet and get updates to PS5 games .. it'll download the latest update that works with your current FW
Custom icons for PS5
  • read the file readme.
  • Back up all your data, including .db
  • TS-553.7z (73.68 MB - includes FTP-WEB.bin, R.W.bin,, Payload & ELF Injector.exe, kpayload.elf and payload.bin)
the icons can be changed from ps4 to ps5, in/system_data/priv/mms/app.db, string platform, set PS4=1 and PS5=0, the padlocks set DRMtype=5 and they will no longer exist... thank you sleirsgoevy and all devs 👏
ps5 logo extracted from SceSysAvControl.elf, credit to PoSsvkey for RE and finding bpe funstuff
Dumping PS5 PSN Games the Proper Way Tutorial & PS5 FTP Payload Update.jpg


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