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Proceeding the Dying Light v1.11 PS4 Dev Cheat Menu and Dying Light 1.16 Dev Cheat Menu update, today @DEv ShOoTz shared via Twitter a Dying Light 1.19 PS4 Developer Cheat Menu FPKG with the PlayStation 4 Scene that works on all firmware versions with Jailbroken PS4 consoles. šŸ„³

Download: EP1018-CUSA03991_00-DLEEGAME00000000-A0119-V0100-DEVMENU.pkg (4.91 GB) / Saves Dying Light CUSA03991 for 1.16 +90%.rar (5.17 MB)

In the Tweets below he notes to repack with your base game, and also included is a +90% Save data alongside the corresponding Save Wizard .bin files for use on the CUSA03991 version.

Finally, those interested can join the GGGame! - Play on Jailbreak Together Discord channel for related support and updates.

:fire: Also heating things up today on Twitter from Cedsaill2: šŸ§
Dying Light 1.19 PS4 Developer Cheat Menu FPKG via DEv_ShOoTz.jpg