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Proceeding the AppendumPS4 .ELF Host / Off-Host Menu, PlayStation 4 developer @DeathRGH (Discord) shared on Twitter today a Dying Light PS4 Dev / Cheat Menu Update PKG file with details and a v1.11 Developer Cheat Menu update by DEv ShOoTz (Twitter) below. (y)

Download: EP1018-CUSA03991_00-DLEEGAME000000V2-A0199-V0100.pkg (74.38 MB) / EP1018-CUSA03991_00-DLEEGAME00000DEV-A0111-V0100.pkg (3.57 GB - Dying Light v1.11 Update with Developer Cheat Menu by DEv ShOoTz via Twitter)

Spoiler: Depreciated

To quote from the embedded tweet: "Today I got something very special for you. I ported a pc dev menu for dying light to ps4. It is packed into an update file."

Check out a demonstration video below alongside some other tweets making rounds on Twitter today! :fire:

AW 1.00 / PS4 5.05 MEME
Dying Light 1.00 PS4 Dev/Cheat Menu
Dying Light PS4 Dev Cheat Menu Update PKG by DeathRGH.jpg



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Please not that some of the functionality is broken as of now.

Some script names seem to be different from the pc version of the game, thats why you cant access certain cheats/menus.

@Punchlinegott untested, I don't have that update.
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