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Next week E3 2017 officially kicks off Sony's PlayStation E3 Media Showcase with live feeds streaming and in theaters on Monday June 12th beginning at 5:00pm Pacific Time. :love:

Today Sony Social Media Director Sid Shuman announced that those watching live can earn free PS4 themes, avatar packs and more! :giggle:

Here are all the details, to quote: Though the show will be available on,, and Facebook, I advise you to watch at Why? One word: rewards.

Completing Quests at will give viewers a chance to unlock free goodies just for watching with us — here’s a sampling of what will be on-hand for PlayStation Live From E3 2017:
  • 25% off apparel at the PlayStation Gear Store (excluding sale and pre-order items, US-only)
  • New PS4 Themes, including Symbols in the Sky, Everybody’s Golf, and a fun Donut theme we cooked up for this event
  • Dreadnought Hunter Pack (a $9.99 value)
  • Unlock “MLB The Show 17 E3 2017 Exclusive Pack” for players and items
  • Visit Supergiant’s Pyre Channel to unlock two great rewards (very limited quantities!)
Here’s how it’ll work (along with a few friendly tips to help you get the most out of this year’s festivities):
  • Set a reminder: Go to and click the countdown timer calendar. You won’t want to miss a minute.
  • Log In to your PSN account: This one’s important! You’ll need to be logged into your PSN account in order to redeem rewards you earn by participating in Quests.
  • Meet the Quest panel: The Quest panel is where you find all the tasks and rewards. This year we want to start quests early, so we’ve opened up the first step of the quest. Check it out now!
  • Check back often: Remember — we’ll have new goods each day! Check the calendar below for an overview, and tune in each day of E3 to earn new rewards.
  • Don’t wait: We’ve got a lot of rewards to give away this year — but supplies will be limited. So if you want to nab some, log on, tune in, and get crackin’.
Quest and rewards are valid in North America, for ages 17 and up only. See you Monday!

PlayStation Live From E3 2017 Programming Hours
  • Monday, June 12 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 featuring the PlayStation Media Showcase | 5:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Tuesday, June 13 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Wednesday, June 14 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Thursday, June 15 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Earn Rewards Watching E3 2017 Streamed from



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There are two things about E3 that excite me... COD WW2 and the possibility that after E3 someone might be more tempted to release something useful to the scene... cough cough qwertyuiopz... flatz... team rebug.....