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We planned to cover Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) PS4 DLC PKGs, option files, rosters and season update patches last year but not being a big sports fan it was left on the back burner... however, recently @donatelo27 of Indonesian Internet forum shared on Twitter a test update PES 21 Smoke Patch 21.3.7 for PS4 HEN 6.72-7.55 crediting pessmokepatch of so away we go! ⚽

For those (like me) who didn't know, apparently Konami has rebranded their annual PES 2021 / 2022 soccer game to eFootball 2021 / 2022 with eFootball 2022 arriving on PlayStation 4 this September 30th... just one day before EA Sports launches FIFA 22 on October 1st. :sneaky:

Backtracking (or backpassing) briefly, in March of this year PS4 Scene group UNLiMiTED released eFootball.PES.2021.SEASON.UPDATE.PS4-UNLiMiTED alongside the eFootball.PES.2021.SEASON.UPDATE.Update.v1.03.PS4-UNLiMiTED with some updates in the private section for Verified Members.
Below is the latest demonstration video from SoloGamez YouTube Channel, with other noteworthy eFootball PES demo videos and updates from Emerson Pereira (EMERSON201037 YouTube Channel) via, the BitBox Patch YouTube Channel and the KhanzaGames YouTube Channel.

In the video descriptions of the YouTube Channels linked above you'll find various eFootball PES 2021 / 2022 PS4 DLC PKGs, option files, rosters and season update patches... but in most cases it ends up being quite a hassle to obtain them. :cautious:

⚠️ Although legitimate, as expected most nag you to disable script blockers while wading through a series of ad links to finally reach the download, obtain the password by watching a segment of their video and other time-consuming nonsense.

There's a handy list of free premium leech sites sorted A-Z by the filehost name HERE with link shortener bypass apps, should anyone feel ambitious to share direct-download links in the comments below:
Finally, we encourage any football / soccer fans here to share other YouTube Channel recommendations for the latest seasonal updates... it may just save the rest of us a lot of time and avoidable searching. 🙃

Efootball Season Update 2022 by Smokepatch Update 21.3.7 PS4 HEN
eFootball PES 2021 2022 (Pro Evolution Soccer) PS4 Season Updates.jpg



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In the private PS4 FPKG section for Verified Members the most recent Smoke Patch 21.3.7 with latest transfers and kits (EP0101-CUSA18740_00-PES2021000000000-V3 21.37 FINAL.pkg - 28.04 GB) was added so we'll close this topic now as updates will be added there.
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