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Following his Lapy's Chicken (Flappy Bird Clone) PS4 FPKG port and Save The Scene: Private Mission PS4 homebrew release, PlayStation 4 developer Lapy05575948 is back with El Pollo 2.0 for jailbroken PS4 5.05 consoles with details below. ;)

Download: El Pollo 2.0 PS4 5.05 Fake PKG.rar (84.63 MB - ED1234-NPXX10003_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0200.pkg) / El Pollo 2.0 Windows.rar (14.92 MB - El Pollo 2.0.exe) / El_Pollo_2.0_PSVita.rar (33.98 MB)

To quote from @Lapy via on the details: El Pollo 2.0

It is a homebrew game made with Unity 2017.2.0p2 compiled as Fake PKG using the RetroGamer74 tutorial. Also compile a version for Windows.

It is based on a flash game called "Helicopter"

Some images are from the Rovio Angry Birds game, and the theme song is from the movie "Black Hawk Down".

The controls of the game are very simple: keep pressing any button to go up and release it to go down, it works with either mouse, keyboard or gamepad.

It is translated into Spanish and English. Spanish for those who have the console or Windows in Spanish, and in English for all other configurations.

The game saves in both versions the highest score achieved and has an anti-cheat system.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy it. I hope to see images of captures of the best scores.
Download: Windows_Explore_20190220191750.mp4 (7.6 MB)

Download: Windows_Explorer_BETA_20190226094827.mp4 (6.9 MB)
El Pollo 2.0 PS4 5.05 Homebrew Game Fake PKG by Lapy05575948.jpg


Really for the God sake anybody play it El pollo.... Android 5 have that game.

I dont know why new Jailbreak not coming to play Red Dead 2 well hope to wait to get old and old to new jailbreak coming soon.
Thanks for this news and for the game :)

Else @Lapy you can compile with Unity 2018.2 if you want ;) i have made a comment with the method for compile with *** 4.50 and Fake PKG tools v3.12 here.

I have find support pack for Xbox One / PS4 / Switch / PS3 / Xbox 360 and PS Vita so you can compile with theses consoles if you have the *** related to the console into Unity 2018.2 :)
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