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In PS5 Scene news this weekend, as the PS5 SELF Dumper & PS5 System / System_ex Modules / C# DLLs / App SPRX Exes Dump work progresses developer logic-68 (aka 68Logic on Twitter) of ported an Enable / Disable PS5 Updates Payload from the PS4 Scene Collective allowing those with a hacked PlayStation 5 to Activate / Deactivate PS5 Updates (Block / Unblock PS5UPDATE.PUP) on Sony's latest video gaming console. :sneaky:

Download: Enable-Disable-UPD-PS5v1.0.3.elf (28.8 KB - v1.0.3) / (67.9 MB) / / GIT / PS5update.rar (67.8 MB - includes revised PS5update.exe, previously PS5update_1.rar) / GIT via Master-s (aka @master s9 / master_s9 on Twitter)

Spoiler: Depreciated

To recap briefly, the PS4 Scene previously documented How to Block PS4 Updates consisting of adding several Sony PS4 Block URLs alongside a guide on How to Remove Downloaded PUPs from PS4 Systems that weren't installed yet with various PS4 HEN Update Blocker Payloads also available for those not using Al Azif's DNS / Exploit Host Menu.

Here's further details from tralala on, roughly translated: PS5 Payload Blocker Enabler ported to PlayStation 5

Our sunriser friend and developer Logic-68 informs me that he has ported a payload to the PlayStation 5, it is a payload allowing to activate and deactivate updates on the latest Sony console.

As you probably know this is a simple port of "Enable/disable Updates" from the PS4 collective scene.

With this solution you will be able to protect yourself from Sony updates.

Logic-68 would like to thank PS5Dev, OpenOrbis and Zecoxao. To take advantage of PS5 Update Blocker 1.0 just launch it, and to deactivate it, just relaunch to deactivate the payload.

Finally, from the Enable / Disable UPD PS5

Enable/Disable PS5 Updates v1.0.3

  • total rewrite
  • Principle of operation not changed
  • Rewrites the blocker internally when it was deleted by mistake
  • Changed the conversion of the string "kern.sdk_version" which seemed to be problematic
Enable/Disable PS5 Updates v1.0.2

Enable or disable your PS5 updates.
  • Now detects your firmware version and applies the necessary files from an updates folder, containing all system versions from your USB.
  • Requires for the first execution a USB key with the files necessary for each update.
  • After the first execution, the files necessary for your system version will be copied internally. This will enable or disable the payload. Simply start the payload as desired.(No longer need USB constantly)
  • If you want a new update of your files. Simply connect a USB disk again with the different Updates.
  • Let the detection act to apply the new files. The process will start again.
Enable/Disable PS5 Updates v1.0.1

Simple portage of Enable/disable Updates from the PS4 collective scene

Ubuntu 20.10 Clang 15 cmake >= 3.20 (my v3.24.2)
Ubuntu 18.04 Clang 10
Enable Disable PS5 Updates Payload Port Arrives via Logic-68.jpg


Is this permanent, that's key ok disable updates with a payload.. however after reboot is it valid? a permanent update blocker marvelous, a temp update blocker could be less so.

I'd love to leave my PS5 connected to the internet without the worry of updates. Without DNS settings currently it doesn't seem to be a option. If this is a permanent solution its a major
breakthrough. Clarification required.
Every time a kernel panic occurs, it deletes all the contents of the update folder, so if you run the persistent ftp that panic will occur and the ps5 could be updated. You can also pass the folders by ftp, take it as a curiosity and not as something permanent or useful.
ok thanks for that jose, end user don't expect this to halt all updates its temporary. use al azif dns until further enhancements surface or your PS5 may get updated on reboot.
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