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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 16, 2016 at 12:33 AM       5,412       0      
Following their XMB Lock 2.04 release, today Greek PlayStation 3 developers ErMaK86 (@ermak) and @Echo6Vi released ErMaK86 4.81 PS3 CFW CP Greek Language Custom Firmware with the changes detailed below. :cool:

Download: ErMaK86 4.81 CFW [CP]-PS3UPDAT.PUP (196.3 MB) / Greek-ErMaK86.LP (17.54 MB) via @DerfJagged

PUP MD5: 3595521DB2E7E66E0017EE5A00EBAB4D

To quote from their blog, roughly translated: ErMaK86 4.81 Custom Firmware [CP] Greek Language

The wait was over the new Greek custom firmware with Greek XMB is available for all the Ermak86 and course to spend must have 3.55 official firmware or any other custom firmware!

The 4.81 Ermak86 custom firmware supports features cobra (PSP-PS2 emulation etc.) and we are sure you will love it as in previous!

Finally say how compatible the Multiman 4.80 to run your games with ease! All the changes you can see below...

ErMaK86 4.81 Custom Firmware [CP] Greek Language Changelog:
  • Built from 4.81 OFW
  • Disable ECDSA check
  • Patch LV1 to add peek\poke
  • Patch LV1 to disable LV2 Protect
  • Patch LV2 to add peek\poke
  • RSOD bypass
  • Update from any CFW or 3.55 OFW/CFW
  • Run Games up to 4.81
  • QAFlag enabled
  • Cinavia protection disabled
  • In game screenshot support
  • Remote play support
  • XMB lines (green) added
  • PLAYSTATION_HOME and Install PKG Folders added
  • Greek XMB language
7.3 cobra source is the same that Bobby_Downgrades shared
Thanks @BobbyDowngrades for 7.3 payload pack
Thanks to all scene devs

Thanks to @DerfJagged for the tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox, who stated the following: "I also uploaded the Greek language pack (with permission) to the devwiki so you can add Greek to your MFW." :tup:
ErMaK86 4.81 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware CP Greek Language Released.jpg