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Back in the day I played Everybody's Golf on PSP, and following the PlayStation 4 release developer TheFabulousPika shared on Github an Everybody's Golf PS4 Coins and Gems Locator for those in the PS4Scene (or PS-Fore! 🏌️‍♂️ Scene) to improve their game. ⛳

Download: / GIT / Live Demo

This comes proceeding the GTA Online PS4 Bunker Automation Tool, PS4 Remote Simple AFK Detection Script for Online Games, FF9 PS4 Jump Rope Script, FFX PS4 Thunder Dodger Script and from the Everybody's Golf Coins and Gems Locator


This is a tool for locating the holes that coins and gems appear on for each online golf course in the PS4 game Everybody's Golf.

Demo available here.

Development notes

Game logic

  • There are a total of ten courses available for online play, including DLC. Each course is divided into two maps that contain either the "Out" (1-9) or "In" (10-18) holes. Game items such as coins, gems, special golf balls, and warp medals will spawn in the area of a certain hole (henceforth "item hole") on each map.

  • If hole N is the item hole on a particular "Out" map, the hole number N+10 on the corresponding "In" map will also be an item hole. If N+10 goes over 18, the count will restart from 10 with the excess being carried over.

  • The item hole number will progress by 2 when moving down the courses as they are listed on the course selection screen. When adding 2 to the previous item hole number places it over the maximum for the map type (i.e. 9 for "Out" and 18 for "In"), the count will loop back to the beginning with the excess being carried over.

  • Events are scheduled in the game according to Golf Island Time, which is the same as GMT. Lucky Chance is triggered at the top of the hour every two hours. Upon day change, maps will be reinitialized and the item hole will move to the next hole on each map.
  • From time to time the daily item hole progression logic will be disrupted by extended server maintenance or other factors. In such cases, this tool can be resynchronized by updating the item hole number and Golf Island date found in data.js.
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