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Recently shared a code riddle on Twitter, later confirming that @SpecterDev (Twitter) "will showcase the evolving attack surface & ushering in of modern mitigations like Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP), (SMEP) etc + investigate the internal workings of the PS5's hypervisor." :geek:

To clear up presumptions of a PS5 Hypervisor Exploit disclosure in the PS5 Scene, SpecterDev stated on Twitter, "Just to clarify I won't be dropping new exploits/bugs it's mostly a reversing-focused talk and talks about exploitation techniques/mitigations on a whole :p"

According to the 2023 Schedule, the Next-Gen Exploitation: Exploring the PS5 Security Landscape by Specter talk will take place during Conference Day Two from 14:00-14:45 (2:00-2:45pm) on June 3rd, 2023. đź•‘

This comes following the BD-JB: Blu-ray Disc Java Sandbox Escape by TheFloW (2022-hardwear-io-bd-jb.pdf) footage from's YouTube Channel at the Conference 2022, with a complete description of @SpecterDev's upcoming 2023 presentation from the official Speakers Page:

Talk Title: Next-Gen Exploitation: Exploring the PS5 Security Landscape

Abstract: The PlayStation 5 (PS5) represents a significant leap in technological advancements, particularly in terms of its security measures, which have undergone substantial improvements compared to its predecessor, the PS4. Due to the lack of public documentation around its security hardening techniques, there exists some misunderstanding of the system's security infrastructure. This conference talk aims to shed light on the PS5's system architecture, focusing on Sony's efforts to impede reverse engineering and mitigate the impact of kernel memory corruption.

This presentation will delve into the intricacies of the PS5's security mechanisms, analyzing the evolving attack surface and ushering in of modern mitigations such as Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP), Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP), kernel Control Flow Integrity (kCFI), and eXecute Only Memory (XOM). Furthermore, we'll investigate the internal workings of the PS5's hypervisor, and analyze it's role in safeguarding the system against high-privileged attackers. We'll also talk about some how these mitigations can be worked around and highlight some avenues and ideas for future research.

Speaker Bio: SpecterDev is a security researcher who specializes in kernel exploitation against linux, mobile, and console. He started doing console research five years ago on the PlayStation 4, and has recently been focusing on the PlayStation 5 and the AMD Secure Processor on the side. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast and media channel called dayzerosec, which keeps up with and discusses various recent vulnerabilities, exploits, and research.

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Our knowledge "Landscapes" are broadening day by day, and fog of uncertainty fading away, rapidly uncovering full picture in HiperVision quality
June 3rd! Spectre said "not handing out an actual hypervisor exploit, just demonstrating". I can't wait to see what comes of this!

Thanks for the update :)