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Following the 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit and Backporting PS4 6.72 to 5.05 Guide today @noob404 (Twitter) of made available what he calls an EZ PS4 Downporter to downport any PlayStation 4 game to run on a Jailbroken 5.05 PS4 Console with a demo video of it in action from his YouTube Channel below. šŸ¤©

Download: Noob404_EZ_PS4_Downporter_1.0.7z (2.34 MB)

To quote from noob404 on the EZ PS4 Downporter tool: EZ PS4 Downporter - Downport any PS4 Game to 5.05 with a few clicks - No HEX Edit

Since zecoxao revealed the way to downport PS4 games to 5.05 and flatz released Python scripts to automate parts of the process, many tools have arrived on the scene which help you downport 6.72 and 5.05+ games.

Here's my contribution - Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter. Using this tool, you can downport any PS4 game with just a few clicks. And, no coding or HEX editing required! 95% of the process has been automated.

The trickiest part was dealing with the .prx modules as each game has a different location for the prx files and some games have prx modules that aren't found in other games. But, EZ PS4 Downported has a workaround for that too.

  1. Windows Machine.
  2. Python 2.7.18.
  3. .Net Framework 4.61.
  4. Fake PKG.
Noob404 EZ PS4 Downporter - Easiest Way to Downport 6.72 (5.05+) Games to 5.05! No Hex, No Coding!

How to downport any PS4 Game using Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter

Follow these steps to have a working 5.05 downported PKG within a few clicks.
  1. Extract Noob404's EZ PS4 Downporter.7z.
  2. Click on the program.exe.
  3. Click Create Required Folders. This will create 3 folders - Source, Working, Output.
  4. Copy your PKG into Source and rename it as input.pkg. (IMPORTANT)
  5. On the Program, click on Step 1. It will complete automatically. Press on any key to continue.
  6. Browse to Working > Image0 and search for prx files. Make a note of all folders which have prx files.
  7. Go to first folder eg:- sce_modules and move (CtrlX-CtrlV) all prx files to ModDgr folder in the EZ PS4 Downporter Folder.
  8. Click on Step 2 in EZ PS4 Downporter. Once complete, move the prx files (which have been downported) from ModDgr to original folder, eg:- sce_modules.
  9. Repeat the process for every folder which has prx files i.e., move prx files to ModDgr > Click on Step 2 > Move prx files back from ModDgr to original folder.
  10. Click on gengp4.exe and browse to Image0 folder. Click Generate .GP4 and then Save .GP4. Save the GP4 in the Working folder as output.gp4. (IMPORTANT)
  11. On the Downporter, click on Step 4. Wait for the PKG to compile. Progress will be shown in the CMD window.
  12. Find the downported PKG in Output folder.
  13. Run HEN on 5.05 and install and play!
Noob friendly Tutorial
If you want a completely noob friendly Tutorial, you can check my blog post here or watch the video above.

Dealing with prx modules
As already mentioned, it's a difficult part. To see what I mean, watch the video. I have automated 95% of that process too. But, in the future, I will try to completely automate the whole process.

  • zecoxao for donwporting steps.
  • flatz for Python scripts.
  • Fake PKG Generator Tools Team.
  • And others....
Cheers to both @noob404 and @Xking0078 for the heads-up on this! šŸ»
So nfs heat fails with CE 41839 5 on 5.05 but it works on 6.72. Something is failing so i will have to check on someone with uart payload
EA games requires two additional libraries from newer firmwares (libSceNpPartner001 and libSceAppContentUtil/libSceAppContentPft) which are not available on lower versions (they are used for Play First Trial functionality)
you need to NOP these function calls (or more easier, their stub versions):
0xEC2C48E74FF19429 = 7CxI50-xlCk
0xF8E9DB52CD425743 = +OnbUs1CV0M
0xA4CC5784DA33517F = pMxXhNozUX8
0xC66867028C4DDD69 = xmhnAoxN3Wk
If you do not have Uart you can Sniff port 9998 in putty RAW with Mira payload active and get the PS4 DEBUG output make sure to go to settings and select to save logs. again this is for peps with out Uart installed cheerZ.
[7CxI50-xlCk] FF 25 7A E8 A4 01 >> 31 C0 C3 E8 A4 01
[+OnbUs1CV0M] FF 25 42 E9 A4 01 >> 31 C0 C3 E9 A4 01
[pMxXhNozUX8] FF 25 42 EF A4 01 >> 31 C0 C3 EF A4 01
EZ PS4 Downporter Downport Any PlayStation 4 Game to 5.05 by Noob404.jpg


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