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Awhile back we added Facebook Login integration and finally got around to implementing Facebook commenting to articles (newer than 7 days old) here similar to Disqus.

If you want to link your social media accounts to your PSXHAX forum account you may also do so HERE.

So how does it work?

When you start typing a comment on the Facebook Comments tab (pictured below) a checkbox will appear allowing you to also post your comment on Facebook, or if you prefer only on the site here using your Facebook account.

Next we plan to tackle adding SSL based on a suggestion from @MrV1rus as time permits.

If anyone else has ideas for the site, feel free to share them in our Feedback and Suggestions forum section and have a great weekend all! :D

PS: If there are any graphic artists out there we're still seeking a PSXHAX logo to replace the generic default one currently being used... or send a Private Message (almost misspelled that as Massage :p). Thanks again!
Facebook Article Comments.png



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Me neither, I was going to start out the post with something like "Although I utterly despise Facebook..." but decided not to be a Debbie downer :p

We're slowly becoming a dying breed though sadly, the younger generation is hooked on their Instagram selfie/groupie/whatever-taking "I wanna be a celebrity and feel important" crapola and my guess is Xenforo v2.0 will probably keep up with all that... which is a good thing for them, just lousy for our generation I spose. :rolleyes:

I wonder if we grew up in the Facebook generation if we'd be like them though... as scary as that is to ponder heh o_O


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My wife is all about this social crap , me on the other hand I think that's killing person to person contact would prefer to hang out with friends and do some crazzzy stuff, some times couple friends of my wife come to us and 5-7 gals sitting there for 10min with out the word you can hear just noises from phones :confused: , soon ppl will post look mum I made a poop is it correct colour ? :D and future will look like this

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