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Following their Linux recent progress of the PS4 Running Vulkan, today Sony PlayStation 4 hacker Marcan of Fail0verflow tweeted that he started a PS4 Overlay GIT to make things easier to install PS4-specific Gentoo Portage patched packages and firmware. :D

Download: / GIT / PS4 Overlay for Gentoo GIT / gentoops4april.tar.xz (1.98 MB) / gentoops4kdebeta3.tar.xz (1.75 GB) / gentoops4kdebeta4.tar.xz (1.60 GB) / gentoops4kdebetaV.tar.xz (2.62 GB) / gentoops4kdebeta6.tar.xz (3.04 GB) / gentoops4kdebeta7.tar.xz (3.40 GB)

From the Twitter circuit:
Unrelated but interesting Tweets:

Thanks to both @mcmrc1 and @raedoob for sharing this PS4 Linux news update in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! (y)
Fail0verflow PS4 Overlay GIT for Gentoo Portage Patches and Packages.jpg



okay v7 is online now, so now I have the gentoops4kdebeta7.tar.xz and how do you get them to run?

rufus reports an error after loading the gentoops4kdebeta7.tar.xz. I want to install it on a USB HDD.
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