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Following their Linux on PS4 Kernel release, fail0verflow have announced news of PS4 3D drivers working alongside some Radeon patches with details below.

Download: / GIT / PS4Linux Video Drivers

Some new information about Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow get the 3D drivers to work :)
From Wololo, to quote: 3D drivers open the path not only to good homebrew development, but also to potential AAA titles. There are several AAA titles running on Linux, and getting hardware GPU acceleration is a prerequisite to run those.

Additionally, 3D acceleration could ultimately bring SteamOS to the PS4. I have argued that having Steam on the PS4 could bring some healthy price competition on the device. Despite what the naysayers complained about in my SteamOS article, several Steam games are optimized for gamepads and would run great on the PS4.

Yes, you can probably forget about DotA with your Dualshock 4, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Linux on the PS4 will support a mouse and a keyboard ultimately. And if you can’t see the point of having a nice centralized box for all your gaming and entertaining needs in the living room, then I can’t do much for you ;)
We updated the drivers for archlinux you can get them from here: / GIT

You need also a new kernel: bzImage (5.9 MB)

From the PS4 video drivers

Video drivers required to use 3d hardware acceleration on Arch Linux. Original patches from failoverflow:

Patch for ps4pro (GLADIUS) from eeply.

We just set up a repository where you can get pre-patched video drivers for ps4
  1. Add the repository to /etc/pacman.conf
sudo echo -e "\n[ps4]\nSigLevel = Never\nServer =" >> /etc/pacman.conf
  1. Update Arch Linux
sudo pacman -Syu
  1. Install the drivers
sudo pacman -S mesa-git lib32-libdrm-git lib32-mesa-git libdrm-git xf86-video-amdgpu-git
  1. Reboot Arch Linux
The drivers will be periodically updated and installed automatically when you upgrade Arch Linux

NOTE: If you for some reason need the old drivers you can still get them from this repository:
If you build a new kernel, to get the drivers works correctly, check in the source that the rev id of GLADIUS is 0x71 and not 0x61
@@ -2059,7 +2059,7 @@ static int cik_common_early_init(void *handle)
                    AMD_PG_SUPPORT_RLC_SMU_HS |
                    AMD_PG_SUPPORT_SAMU |*/
            adev->external_rev_id = adev->rev_id + 0x71;
        /* FIXME: not supported yet */
If you have troubles to update Psxitarch v2, follow this step: From Update Psxitarch v2
Open the file /etc/pacman.conf, change the repo from to, update psxitarch with sudo pacman -Syu, answer yes to all, when you get the message that some packages are corrupted because the keyring are outdated, answer no to " want delete the corrupted packages?", this should abort the upgrade of system.

To fix the corrupted packages just install archlinux-keyring with sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring

Now you can finally update the system and drivers with sudo pacman -Syu
Nice to see some fast progress being made here.




Super Awesome indeed!! This is moving at light speed it seems and still way too slow for me! Lol. Can't wait until someone releases an exploit and so we can install a better running Linux than on PS3!
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