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Following the Fallout 4 PS4 EBOOT.BIN ELF Patcher, today PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE made available via Twitter a Fallout 4 PC Mods on PS4 Tutorial video on his YouTube Channel for all the game modders out there! (y)

From the video's description, to quote: Fallout 4 PC Mods on PS4 Tutorial

Converting Fallout 4 PC mods to run on the PS4 version.

Download Links:
Fallout 4 PC Mods on PS4 Tutorial
Fallout 4 PC Mods on PS4 Tutorial Video by Modded Warfare.jpg



Grand Theft Auto V is not possible as of yet. it requires RPF Editing/RPF Creation to work and you can't do any of them things for the PS4.


can anyone tell me how to convert the textures ba2 files for fallout 4? it wasnt really explained in the videos

i also know backporter has the tool to convert textures to gnf files (which is also said in the vid but not shown how)

can anyone teach me what to do, i just want to make snappyOS work for my fallout 4 in ps4


@Backporter Sir thanks a bunch ive been using ung texture and dialogue converter. I think the issue with the things Im installing like OCDecorator and SnappyBuild is the physics patcher?

do it yourshelf works but doesnt snap. same with the other mods that ive installed.. so i think its the physics patcher that patches the mods meshes thats responsible?

also do i need to convert the meshes and textures of the snappyHS you sent or do i just need to merge it with the patch?

Thanks a bunch to you and Modded Warfare


Thanks kind sir. I again came here for another question... I currently converted Militarized Minutemen, its all good but when I get close to the Minutemen The textures go minisquares pixilated like rainbows. but when I am far from them everything is okay. (It was all ba2 files so I used the texture converter to convert the textures after I extracted them).

I am very sorry to bother this thread with this many questions but it is the only platform that I can ask you authors/developers directly.. AND I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

I'll try to use the snappyHK you sent me THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!!!

@Backporter, sir the snappyHS made the same freezing my converted snappyOS did. maybe its a ps4 thing? either way I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!


Thank you very much for again responding to me... I am currently on patch 1.20 as required in the video, I also have the GOTY version of the game so I have all the DLC's, though the cusa of my dlc is diff from my game.

The building mods I currently converted are:
  • Crafting Fury 9000 (which I removed cause the stuffs keeps floating)
  • BathroomPack (which I removed same reason as above)
  • WarehouseS Shelves for components (same reason as above)
  • Northland diggers (the workstations are not still and keeps going down the ground)
  • This is my bed (stays coz i dont see them defying gravity)
  • Spring cleaning
  • Scrap dead things
Other mods installed:
  • Buffed Minutemen (cause i cant make the Militarized Minutemen to work because of the small square violet rainbow pixel texture when upclose)
  • Insignificant Object Remover
  • Remove Interior Fog
  • Gas mask fix
  • Generator fusebox
  • Ellen the cartographer
  • Cheat terminal
  • Holstered Weapon by azar
  • Alex's faster respawnig cell
Sir @Backporter thank you for always responding to me and even sending me converted ods even though I know its a hassle on your time.. I really appreciate it.

Also Im on the process of removing said mods that defy gravity... It just makes me sad coz I really like the building mechanics but I cant have it fixed everytime they float or go underground.
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