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Recently developer aurasphere made available a FFX Thunder Dodger script for automatically dodging thunders in the Thunder Plains of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PlayStation 4. 🌩️

Download: / GIT

Below are some brief usage instructions from the FFX Thunder Dodger

Application for automatically dodging thunders in FFX's Thunder Plains (HD remaster for PS4).

  1. Install PS4 remote play
  2. Connect your PS4 through remote play and open the game
  3. Go to the Thunder Plains
  4. Launch this script and switch focus to the window game
FFX Thunder Dodger Script for Final Fantasy X PS4 HD Remaster by Aurasphere.jpg



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:p i just want to know how to use this? This trophy is a totally piss of ....

But thinking well... A script to play another playthrough (auto) good idea... 😂😂


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I remember doing this back on the ps2. It does take some sustained concentration. It's one of my favorite games so it was easy to want to do it. I guess if you just want the trophy, it's okay.
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