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Previously we reported on Decrypted PS4 Games and PKG Files, PS4 Package Updates and PS4 Tunables and now PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao (Twitter) tweeted that Fifa 15 has been dumped and decrypted with a precompiled payload for developers available below! (y)

Download: DumpFile (CUSA00722) (319.69 KB) / DumpFile (CUSA00564) (319.69 KB) / DumpFile (CUSA01110) (319.69 KB) / Fifa15_DumpFile_Payload.rar (149 KB - Mirror by Fosi of e✘treme-Modding)

According to notzecoxao, the files will the files will be output to /mnt/usb0 (rightmost port), and below are the related Tweets:

Thanks to @Figure03 for the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! ;)
Fifa 15 for PS4 is Dumped and Decrypted with Precompiled Payload.jpg



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It looks like the Tweets were deleted, probably by him not Twitter though.
Weird but maybe he don't want to be sued. At least he provided files we need but still without source code. I hope someone can reverse-engineer this payload.

I looked at the payload. They vary only by a couple of bytes between IDs. Someone should try to change them into other game ID and load it.


so this means we can play fifa 15 free
these developers are working hard very hard on these games soon we will be able to run almost every ps4 game backup
Where are you getting this? As I understand this "just" lets you dump and decrypt the game, not run it, at least not without a dev- or test-kit. Am I mistaken?
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