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Since their Knack release PlayStation 4 scene group Knights of the Fallen (KOTF) are back with another PS4 1.76 friendly game dump... this time being FIFA 2014 because why pay $2.99 in the store when you can put that towards a cup of coffee, amiright? :coffee:

If you do own a 1.76 console and would like to share PS4 game backup testing information with others @Gogu kicked things off in a recent discussion thread.(y)

Anyhoo, here's the latest FIFA.2014.READNFO.MULTi5.PS4-KOTF / FIFA 2014 READNFO MULTi5 PS4 KOTF (9222 MB in 97 Files) NFO file below:
³ úúú Installation Help úúú                                                  ³
³                                                                            ³
³ Current Requirements:                                                      ³
³                                                                            ³
³ 1.76fw PS4, socat, elf loader, terminal, ftp client, ftp payload, netcat   ³
³ decrypted game modules per game, extracted game and kernel hooks patch.    ³
³ if a kernal exploit is released for current firmwares, these dumps will    ³
³ work fine there also.                                                      ³
³                                                                            ³
³ Replace the files in CUSA?????Äapp0 with the files in CUSA?????ÄCrack      ³
³ Boot PS4, Enable FTP Payload, Navigate to Data and make the directory      ³
³ CUSA?????, FTP the contents of CUSA?????Äapp0 from this relase into the    ³
³ CUSA????? folder you just created. Reboot your PS4. Load the elf loader    ³
³ on your PC, open command prompt in, or cd to your "socat" directory.       ³
³ Launch the PS4 Browser and go to "elf loader", Once you have got to stage  ³
³ 5, execute this socat command. "socat Äu FILE:kernel_hooks TCP:PS4ip:5054" ³
³ after it executes run, "netcat nc PS4ip 5088" when you see the message     ³
³ "Started Sucessfully" appear, press the PS button and launch Playroom to   ³
³ start the game.                                                            ³

³ úúú READNFO úúú                                                            ³
³ These dumps now work, All previous releases do not.                        ³
FIFA 2014 PS4 Game Dump by Knights of the Fallen (KOTF).jpg


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This is cool if your into soccer.
But a dump is a dump. XD
I do hope Killzone is next or soon to come...
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