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Last year we saw a FFX Thunder Dodger Script surface, and recently septomor made available an updated Final Fantasy 9 Jump Rope Script to aid PS4 Trophy hunters in obtaining the Hail to the King trophy in FF9. 🏆 :bananaman19:

Download: / GIT

⚡ If you haven't done so yet, be sure to check out the latest PS4 Scene FPKG releases from DUPLEX this past New Year's day... and from the to quote:

FF9 Jump Rope Script

Made 9/24/17, by Septomor/ByPrinciple

Updated 6/7/2020 with QueueTip's script with user friendliness in mind

This script is used to help get people the Final Fantasy 9 Hail to the King trophy on PS4

How to use:

1. Have Vivi talk to the girls and standing ready to take his first jump

2. Run jump.ahk by double clicking

3. Press Start button

4. Press 'ctrl + esc' on your keyboard to close script

5. Wait for 1,000 jumps

How to improve inaccuracies:

1. Run jump.ahk as administrator

That is it, hopefully.
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Final Fantasy 9 (FF9) Jump Rope Script for Hail to the King PS4 Trophy.jpg



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