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Proceeding the previously released PS4 Patches, PS4Scene game modder @illusion0001 (Twitter) recently updated Github with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake 60FPS Patch and some new demo videos from his YouTube Channel. 😍

This comes following an Uncharted 4 540p 60FPS PS4 Custom Resolution Patch (Blog Post), a Silent Hills: P.T. (Playable Teaser) 60FPS Patch (Blog Post) and both a Life is Strange 60FPS Patch and Life is Strange: Before the Storm 60FPS Patch (Blog Post) by illusion0001 with the related videos below:

Uncharted 4 540p 60FPS Gameplay (Base PS4)
PS4 Unofficial 60FPS Patches and Performance Improvements
PS4 Unoffical 60FPS Patches for Life is Strange and Before the Storm

:lovewins: Those who'd like to support illusion0001's continued work can do via his Patreon Page, and from Illusion0001's Blog update to quote: 60FPS Patch for Final Fantasy 7: Remake

PS4 Owners gets the patch first before PS5? Unofficially of course but still interesting. 🤔


This post will be a short one! Sorry to those who expected a long and in-depth post.

File Editing

Let’s cut to the chase. Looking through the game files Resolution Scale and vsync interval caught my interest. Of course these are not set in the executable due to it’s flexibility. It’s set from file instead. There are defaults in the executable but they are ignored as it later gets replaced by value loaded from settings file.

In file: pakchunk0-ps4.pak is where graphics settings is stored.
rhi.SyncInterval=2 ; 30hz
r.DynamicRes.MinScreenPercentage=83.3333333 ; 83% of target ir
r.DynamicRes.MaxScreenPercentage=100 ; 100 % of target ir (1080p for base not sure for Neo)
I’ll be changing these to
rhi.SyncInterval=1 ; 60hz
r.DynamicRes.MinScreenPercentage=50.0000000 ; 50 % of target ir (540p for base)
r.DynamicRes.MaxScreenPercentage=63 ; 63 % of target ir (720p for base)
; The ini comments are my own.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake Now Playable at 60FPS on PlayStation 4! (Unofficial)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 20 Minutes of Gameplay at 60FPS on PS4

Final Fantasy 7: Remake 60 FPS Unlock
In file ...\end\content\paks\pakchunk0-ps4.pak
; This file must be edited in hex editor,
; normal text editors will add more bytes
; and may cause game crashes.
; You may change 63 to 75% or higher for Pro consoles.
; There are multiple instances of the following lines,
; be sure to change all occurences.
; Todo: find out what neo uses for target ir

; For end users
; When replacing, only search for cvars
; i.e search for: rhi.SyncInterval=2
; Do not search for comments as they don't exist!

; Find:
rhi.SyncInterval=2 ; 30hz
r.DynamicRes.MinScreenPercentage=83.3333333 ; 83% of target ir
r.DynamicRes.MaxScreenPercentage=100 ; 100% of target ir (1080p for base not sure for Neo)

; Replace:
rhi.SyncInterval=1 ; 60hz
r.DynamicRes.MinScreenPercentage=50.0000000 ; 50% of target ir (540p for base)
r.DynamicRes.MaxScreenPercentage=63 ; 63% of target ir (720p for base)
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Finally, I (@mc711) have modded the 1.01 update to include the above mod, patch is already backported to 5.05 at 720p 60fps (540p downscale) mod 1.01 patch.

CUSA-07187 Final Fantasy VII Remake 720p 60FPS (520p Downscale) Mod

Download: (149.32 MB - v1.00 backport with mod - password: 72060mod) / (141.85 MB - v1.01 modded backport patch - password: 72060mod) / UP0082-CUSA07211_00-FFVIIREMAKE00000-A0101-V0100.pkg (150.88 MB - CUSA07211 60FPS Patch) / (136.26 MB - includes additional mods via - password: 72060+)

Note: The base game is CUSA-07187 Final.Fantasy.VII.Remake.PS4-DUPLEX release (CRC32: 296D352C), if you have a different base you have to rebuild the PKG to your base.
FYI, theoretically the PS5 could run bethesda games at 60 FPS via a patch, any sort of limitations they say they are bound to are false, you can even unlock it on the PS4 too through in some spots it might drop below 60 but other than that, its do able and quite easy.
To enable 60 FPS open Skyrim.ini/fallout4.ini under the [Display] section add:
and if you want Volumetric Lighting add:
Final Fantasy 7: Remake Honey Bee Inn Dance with 60FPS Patch
Final Fantasy VII Remake 720p 60FPS Patch and PS4 FPKG Mod.jpg



@Ryo patch is 540-720p for base and pro. you will get consistent 720p 60fps on pro, while base you will get more 540-720 dynamic resolution switching. although it is possible to get higher resolution for pro, it will not be as consistent and you will get more dynamic resolution switching. 1080p in settings is the preferred resolution as it is the native resolution of the game and cutscenes.


Can you remove the montion blur of Ghost Of Tsushima? Cause motion blur is negative experience at high fps. Thank you.

Please disable the motion blur for Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition and Dark Souls Remastered. Thank you!
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