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Hi, I found a way to crash my PlayStation 4 console while playing Final Fantasy XV using the out of bounds glitch.

It shows the following error on the screen:

An error has occurred in the following application: (CE-34878-0) Final Fantasy XV

I didn't have any PS4 updates / DLC for the game installed.

Below is a demonstration video of the crash:

Final Fantasy XV Game Bug Demo Out of Bounds Glitch Crashes PS4.jpg


Even though this may not help hackers, I haven't seen this reported anywhere... mainpaging now so Squenix has to put down their eggnog to fix it :p

Thanks for taking the time to make the video and share it with us @jastiiiiin :D
Its an old error on many games, nobody knows what cause it. The official (useless)"solutions" are: 1 install latest fw and game update, 2 format the hdd.

But that error could happen again, i think is a hardware problem, sony didn't admit it yet and never.

Anyway, if this occurs even on latest fw, could be matter of research.

Some users upload their data to the cloud and delete the game and its data, and reinstall them all. After that download the data from the cloud, and voila. Others say its a bad syncro when uplading game data to the PS+ and recommend to bypass that "error" playing disconnected.

The difference here could be (my opinion) that its related to a game bug, usually it can occurs when saving or loading data (maybe ff its loading/saving the map right here), so, don't know. No matter which game give that error, its not a game problem.

The last thing about this is you have to disable automatic data load from settings for psn+ if using any primary account. Do it on all that accounts. Possibly secondary ones have to do it too.

See 4:14+ (not mine)