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PlayStation 4 scene developer @flatz shared via Twitter today some additional information on dumping the PS4 IDPS for lower firmware consoles, following the release of PS4 IDPS / PSID Dump Code and a PSID / IDPS PS4 Homebrew Display demo previously. :geek:

This comes proceeding his External PS4 HDD Patch, Extended Symbol Resolving PS4 Syscall and PS4 Internal HDD PKG Install via FTP & BGFT Method work last month.

From his Tweets below, to quote: "dumping PS4 IDPS from 2 EID blocks for lower fws (not sure when it was patched) from kernel: sceSblAuthMgrDriveData(0, in_buf, 0x160, out_buf, 0xA4, 1), pass 0x160 bytes at 0x90C00 from sflash0s1.crypt into `in buf` and dump buffers, see your kernel for proper addresses/offsets"

Since his MiraHEN 4.55 PS4 Port, @CrazyVoid has also recently updated the OrbisLibGen python script used to generate stub files to Version 1.00, confirming the tool is usable for production and in the release phase of development now! :fire:

Download: / GIT

And from the, to quote: OrbisLibGen Version 1.00

This python script is used to generate stub files for the Orbis Open Source ***! This tool is in the release phase of development and is usable for production use now!

This tool was written by CrazyVoid

If you wish to contribute to this tool, please verify or attempt to verify it works on all platforms before pushing changes Windows, Linux, Mac

Steps to use this tool

1: Run our script and point it to idc ps4libdoc system/common/lib folder
./ ps4libdoc/system/common/lib
2: Cd into the build folder
cd build
3: Lets Compile our Asm files into objects
make xobjects
4: Lets make this objects a lib
make xstubs
Once all the stubs are compiled into their respected .a files. Copy all .a to you're *** lib folder!

Improved Instructions and Description will come in the future!

Download: idps_176.rar (4.84 KB)
Flatz on Dumping PS4 IDPS and OrbisLibGen Updates by CrazyVoid.jpg


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