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Since the Dreams PlayStation 4 release we've seen a well done RDO Recreation, a Ruckus Monster PS4 Trailer and most recently Bad Robo shared a nearly photorealistic Forest in the Rain Demo made in Dreams on PS4 via his YouTube Channel. 😃 📸

This also comes following both the MGS HD Remake and FFVII Dreamake, and check out this stunningly-realistic virtual stroll through a rainy forest in the demos below!

Motorstorm Pacific Dream. Made in Dreams PS4. Music by PGray_official
Forest made in Dreams PS4
Forest In the Rain made in Dreams PS4
Deeper into the forest
Closer to the river. Made in Dreams PS4
Forest in the Rain Demo Made in Dreams on PS4 by Bad Robo.jpg



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I like the car driving video the best that would be a pretty cool racing game.
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