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'Twas the night before Christmas... and following the Free CoD: MW Going Dark PS4 Theme PlayStation 4 developers at Sucker Punch Productions just released a free Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Dynamic Theme on Twitter for everyone to enjoy until the game's much anticipated release next summer! 🎄

Those in the PlayStation 4 scene since 2017 can also share fond Christmas Eve memories of PS4 4.05 Jailbreak updates leading to the JailbreakMe PS4 4.05 Exploit that lit the PS4 scene up like an X-Mas tree with a fully implemented PS4 4.05 Kxploit. ☺

:idea: Remember to keep watch for the 36c3 lecture on Hacking Sony PS4 / PS3 Blu-ray Disc Drives this December 28th, and below are some related articles on PlayStation 4 Themes sorted by date:
:arrow: Adding to the 350+ Free PS4 Themes currently available on PlayStation Store, here's the free Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Dynamic Theme codes:
  • Americas: BEFB-AMNR-R4F6
  • Europe/AU/NZ/Russia/Middle East/Africa/India: 38BE-G6N8-L93A
  • Japan: N4TK-59NH-2LH3
  • Korea: EM56-NTNC-EHX8
  • Rest of Asia: DHLN-HANF-F6LH
Codes expire Jan 31, 2020. Redeem region-specific code on PS Store.
Download: PS4 PSN Ghost Of Tsushima Theme.rar (34.3 MB)
Download: GHOST_OF_TSUSHIMA_DYNAMIC_THEME_OPOISSO893.7z (70.17 MB - Password: via @opoisso893 on Twitter)

Ghost of Tsushima Dynamic Theme by OPOISSO893 Installation:
  • Start HEN on your PS4 5.05
  • Go to: DEBUG SETTINGS Menu / GAME / Install Package
  • Install EP9000-CUSA13323_00-GHOSTDYNAMTHEME2-A0000-V0100.pkg
  • Install EP9000-CUSA13323_00-GHOSTDYNAMTHEME2.pkg (It will ask to install same package. Click on YES)
  • Go to Themes Menu to select and apply your new Theme.
Note: After Reboot, your new Theme is still applied to your user account (No need HEN).

Download: PS4 Serenity Theme.rar (20.1 MB)
Download: PS4 Kingdom Hearts Theme.rar (18.4 MB)
Download: PS4 Death Stranding Theme.rar (11.9 MB)
Download: PS4 PSN Friday The 13th Theme.rar (10.5 MB)
Download: PS4 PSN Ace Combat 7 Theme.rar (21.1 MB) / PS4 PSN Cyberpunk 2077 Theme.rar (13.9 MB)
Download: PS4 PSN Game of Thrones Theme.rar (20.9 MB) / PS4 PSN God of War Theme.rar (28.9 MB)

Have a very safe and happy Christmas Eve 2019 everyone!! <3
Free Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Dynamic Theme Released by Sucker Punch.jpg


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