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Following the PS2 Backups on PS4HEN progress this past weekend, Fake PKG Generator for PS4 and his recent Make_FSELF_GUI v1.2 update, today PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet shared on Twitter a Free PS2 Pub Gen (Fake PKG Tools) that are used as a PS2 Fake PKG Generator for PS4 while PS3120 made available the required orbis-pub-cmd-ps2.exe file and orbis-pub-gen.exe. (y)

Download: free-ps2-pub-gen.rar / Fake PKG Tools_v1.1.1.rar (5.5 MB) / Fake PKG Tools_v1.1.1.rar (Mirror) / Fake PKG Tools_v1.1.2.rar (4.7 MB) / Fake_PKG_Tools_v1.2.rar (588.62 MB - Full) / Fake PKG Tools_v1.1.3.rar (5.5 MB) / fake-pkg-tools_v1.1.3.rar (Mirror) / (2.97 MB - Mirror) / GIT / orbis-pub-cmd-ps2.exe (2.61 MB) / Klonoa2passcode.pkg (2.76 GB - Passcode: oJhgpRpSASYXdjbh90Sikqu_oLM6Esri via DarkElement who states: "To create another PS2 iso from, extract it, change disc01.iso with your own, and repackage using files from that dump I will provide a more detailed tutorial together with video tut together.) / Fake_PKG_Tools_v1.3.rar / Fake_PKG_Tools_v1.5.1.rar (includes orbis-pub-chk.exe) / PS4_Fake_PKG_Tools_v3.87.rar (3.35 MB)

To quote from the ReadMe.txt: Free PS2 Pub Gen

Automated Tool for flatz PS4- PS2 Emu PKG Technic.
  • Either place the Tool into the same folder then, orbis-pub-cmd-ps2.exe and the aithinfo_emu.txt within the template folder.
  • Or drop the needed files into the GUI and close and reopen her. You could then even move the App.
  • Drop the ISO onto the GUI and the Output Folder too or use the buttons to define one.
  • When you double click the iso and output textBox it will change between ISO or Output Path.
For the template if you use your own one till i did come to share a pkg with a template:
  • Place your Extracted PS4 PS2 Emu PKG with decrypted files into the folder '\template\template_pkg\'
  • Put template.gp4 into '\template\' the same goes for authinfo_emu.txt.
  • Files which we need to resign place into '\template\workfiles\' eg:
  • eboot.bin, ps2-emu-compiler.self, Image0/sce_module/libSceFios2.prx, Image0/sce_module/libc.prx and Image0\config-emu-ps4.txt.
Make sure to edit your gp4 file and Comment Out npbind.dat/nptitle.dat and trophy00.trp XML Style (<!-- -->). If you need them later the app will edit the project file and add them back.

If i have forgotten something in the readme, i'll add it later. For the tool just tell me on twitter what does not work for you and i'll fix as soon as possible.

Special THX to zordon605 and ps3120

-Have Fun- cfwprpht

Changelog v1.0:

Automated Tool for flatz PS4- PS2 Emu PKG Technic.
  • Fixed a flag for the open button which would cause only the folder brows dialog to be appear.
  • Fixed a type in the OpenFileDialog File filter .*iso > *.iso.
  • Fixed a bunch of missing else within the main checks of the build routine.
PS2 on PS4 4.05 !!!
Playing Klonoa 2 For Free On 4.05 | PS2 Emulator (PS4 Jailbreak & Homebrew)
orbis-pub-cmd.exe patches via
This difference file has been created by IDA

File SHA256 = 4BF8DD0CDC03D3E0174D6BF6D21D935DB2E8444F521995945F2C2E292E7E2428

Patch Unexpected Category (1)
(leave length check)
000000000002F1AA: 7C 90
000000000002F1AB: 1F 90

000000000002F1C9: 74 EB

Patch Unexpected Category (2)  loc_42FD9A
(leave length check)
000000000002F2AB: 7C 90
000000000002F2AC: 1F 90

000000000002F2CA: 74 EB

* Patch unexpected TitleID (self) *
loc_454AcA - loc_454AD7
0000000000053ECA: 0F 90
0000000000053ECB: 85 90
0000000000053ECC: E8 90
0000000000053ECD: 05 90
0000000000053ECE: 00 90
0000000000053ECF: 00 90
0000000000053ED0: 3B 90
0000000000053ED1: CA 90
0000000000053ED2: 0F 90
0000000000053ED3: 85 90
0000000000053ED4: E0 90
0000000000053ED5: 05 90
0000000000053ED6: 00 90
0000000000053ED7: 00 90

loc_454C78 - loc_454C85
0000000000054078: 0F 90
0000000000054079: 85 90
000000000005407A: 3A 90
000000000005407B: 04 90
000000000005407C: 00 90
000000000005407D: 00 90
000000000005407E: 3B 90
000000000005407F: CA 90
0000000000054080: 0F 90
0000000000054081: 85 90
0000000000054082: 32 90
0000000000054083: 04 90
0000000000054084: 00 90
0000000000054085: 00 90

loc_454D49 - loc454D56
0000000000054149: 0F 90
000000000005414A: 85 90
000000000005414B: 69 90
000000000005414C: 03 90
000000000005414D: 00 90
000000000005414E: 00 90
000000000005414F: 3B 90
0000000000054150: CA 90
0000000000054151: 0F 90
0000000000054152: 85 90
0000000000054153: 61 90
0000000000054154: 03 90
0000000000054155: 00 90
0000000000054156: 00 90

* Patch already converted from elf to self *
loc_454CD7 - loc_454CE6
00000000000540D7: 0F 90
00000000000540D8: 84 90
00000000000540D9: E2 90
00000000000540DA: 03 90
00000000000540DB: 00 90
00000000000540DC: 00 90
00000000000540DD: 80 90
00000000000540DE: 78 90
00000000000540DF: 05 90
00000000000540E0: 00 90
00000000000540E1: 0F 90
00000000000540E2: 84 90
00000000000540E3: D8 90
00000000000540E4: 03 90
00000000000540E5: 00 90
00000000000540E6: 00 90

loc_454CFA - loc_454CFF
00000000000540FA: 0F 90
00000000000540FB: 85 90
00000000000540FC: BF 90
00000000000540FD: 03 90
00000000000540FE: 00 90
00000000000540FF: 00 90

Patch online check (1)
00000000002488FC: 68 65
00000000002488FE: 74 65
0000000000248900: 74 65
0000000000248902: 70 65
0000000000248904: 3A 65
0000000000248906: 2F 65
0000000000248908: 2F 65
000000000024890A: 70 65
till 0x00 0x00 (but leave them)

Patch online check (2)
0000000000212018: 73 65
0000000000212019: 64 65
000000000021201A: 6B 65
000000000021201B: 2D 65
000000000021201C: 70 65
000000000021201D: 73 65
000000000021201E: 2E 65
000000000021201F: 64 65
till 0x00 byte (but leave it)
How to Create Fake PS2 PKGs for PS4HEN Tutorial
Building Fake PS2 PKGs for da PS4 HEN -With- Proper PS2 IDs (Voice-Tutorial)
Backing up Retail Games to Fake Pkg's (6.72 or Lower)
Cheers to @Bassabov, @minnieman and @SSShowmik in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news tips! :beer:
Free PS2 Pub Gen  Fake PKG Tools PS2 Fake PKG Generator for PS4.jpg



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for anyone having the issue of false positive and would like to feel safe. UPX is the software that is used to compress the executable. Typically this compression on executable alarms A/V software. You can grab the UPX from github and run the command below and that should fix the problem
 upx -d gengp4.exe
I have also downloaded orbis-loader.exe and gengp4-patched.exe on this forum (not included in the packages in OP) to automatically include original keystone when making fpkg. Those are also compressed with upx


I did manage to merge all split files of a Retail Game Patch but I cannot find a way to covert it in to a Fake Game Patch. Is there a way? my base game is already fake so I only grab the Latest Retail Game Patch to covert.


I am very new to fpkg creation, so anyone can help me with my below question. Thank in advance and sorry for my badass english.

Developing a new app that Instead of using gengp4 GUI version, I trying to use orbis-pub-cmd.exe to add file and directory into gp4 project file with this command

"orbis-pub-cmd.exe gp4_file_add [folder that i want to add] [local path of Image0 root] [gp4 project location]"

My goal is adding my custom files to right below "Image0 Root" like this
Image0 Root
→-----------My Custom File and folder
But the problem is [local path of Image0 root]. With requirement of this command, it requires me to add a local path of folder inside gp4.

What i want to do is adding my files right below "Image0 Root" without any folders, but i do not know which argument should i input into [local path of Image0 root].

Every time i try to add something like "Image0 Root" or "Root", it always creates new folder Image0 Root and Root inside of Image0 image.