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Friday The 13th The Game PS4 5.05 RTM Trainer by GrimDoe.jpg

Happy Late Memorial Day !
The maniac behind the mask is back, to seek his revengeance onto all those that gets in his way, on his massacre killing spree. 😱

On my previous release back in October of last year, Jason was only pack with 3 Special Abilities:

1. Knife Keeper = His Number of Knifes Nver Decrease
2. Unlimited Knifing Time = Back to Back Knife Throws
3. Booby Traps Locked = Back to Back Booby Traps
Now he have return back even stronger !

BIG THANKS to Old Gamer
We now have 6 More Special Abilities:

4. Always Display Time = This Keeps the Time from Disappearing
5. Time Freezer = This Locks & UnLocks The Timer Countdown
6. Instant Rage = Jason Rage Never Decrease
7. Instant All Skills = Instant All Skills
8. Instent Skill CoolDown
9. Infinty Skill time
Friday The 13th - Ultimate Horror Edition [PS4] 5.05
Friday The 13th - Ultimate Horror Edition (RTM TOOL) PS4 5.05
Out of 9 Special Abilities, you can now have your way across Crystal Lake 💀
Plus Bonus ! 😎

Here is a Step By Step Guide By Old Gamer on
How to Find Static Addresses Using [PS4 Reaper] on Resident Evil 5



Game Mod Developer
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We appreciate it,
Thank you all for the support.


Game Mod Developer
Senior Member
That's more than likely because your on the EU Version of the game. (09960)

Just keep a eye out for it.
I'll have it out by the Night Skys 😎
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