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Friday the 13th The Game PS4 DLC PKG's - Savini Jason Back From the Dead!.jpg

Since my Need For Speed Rivals PS4 RTM Tool WIP Preview here are PS4 DLC PKG's for Friday the 13th: The Game featuring Savini Jason back from the dead!

:alert: Before anything all the DLC's Requires (Game Update 1.20) to Work

Back from the Dead All 5 Working DLC's
Plus The Limited & Rare Savini Jason đź‘€
With Fixed DLC's Thumbnails/ Pictures

This will include:
  • Emote Party Pack 1
  • Costume Party Counselor Clothing Pack
  • Jason Part 4 Pig Splitter Kill Pack
  • Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack
  • Jason Part 2 Pick Axe Kill Pack
Plus the Limited & Rare:
  • Savini Jason & Retro Jason
(I would like to Thank all the Developers that kept this Game alive !)

Bonus: Quick Video Tutorial By GrimDoe over at Offline Console Development on YouTube.

How to Fix Fake DLC's Display Pictures/ DLC Thumbnails:

DLC Link:

Spoiler: MEGA Link

Friday The 13Th The Game: All DLC's Fixed & Working Plus Savini & Retro Jason [PS4 7.02 - 5.05]

Test run of the DLC's Fix Pic's and Working !
You have to be on Game Update 1.20 Coming Soon




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Big Thanks and your Welcome @PSXHAX

Also to everyone this does only work on 1.20 Game Update. But on the one's I have posted for Verified Members then you're good to go :cool:


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The 1.20 Game Update (Retail or Fake) is not going to work, you have to have the one that's posted for Verified Members.

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