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After many years of dedication, sleepless nights and hard work on The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Updated Demo, I'm pleased to announce via Twitter that Fursan al-Aqsa the full game is finally available now from Nidal Nijm Games on PS3, Steam & Xbox 360! 🤩
  • PC demo (free) and full version ($19.99) on Steam.
  • PS3 or Xbox 360 full version ($14.99) on Gamejolt.
⬆️ Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Free for PS3 & Xbox 360

Fursan al-Aqsa Official Launch Trailer + Accolades


Here is the original trailer in MP4 Full HD 1080p 60fps format:
Fursan al-Aqsa is an Action Game which addresses the Israel x Palestine conflict from a Palestinian perspective. You will play in missions across Palestine with many objectives to accomplish, epic battles, powerful guns, vehicles to drive and more.


Obs: The console version of this game is a Homebrew App, which means it only runs on Hacked Consoles (PS3 CFW/HEN, Xbox360 RGH/JTAG). And even though the content is the same (Campaign + Multiplayer), the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of Fursan al-Aqsa are inferior to the PC version, regarding graphics and performance. Also the consoles version, specially the PS3 version of Fursan al-Aqsa suffers from memory overload, which, sometimes causes missing textures and invisible objects (rendering problems), sometimes some textures may become too much blurry, and so on.

Also on both consoles, due a problem on accessing the console's hard disk file system to write the save data, I had to make all the missions unlocked by default, but if you play from Mission 1 the game will take you to Mission 2, Mission 3, Mission 4 and so on. So that means I tried my best, and even with these small bugs, you can play the game and enjoy the gameplay experience on PS3 and Xbox360. I'm proud of this achievement, and I'm sure that despite its flaws, Fursan al-Aqsa is the most advanced homebrew game ever developed for the PS3 and XBOX360.

I thank you all for these years following my project, interacting with me, rooting for me, giving me words of support, and specially for playing my game's demo released last year on Steam, and giving me your precious feedback. Thanks to you, players and supporters of Fursan al-Aqsa, I was able to make this game even better than the Demo, fixing many bugs and shortcomings, polishing the game to make this one of the best Indie Games of 2022!

I hope you enjoy the full game, and please, write a small Steam User Review, because this is very important to help my game grow on Steam.

My last words are a request for help and support. As you may know, I am working solo on this game, without any financial help, or funding from a Publisher or anyone. I self funded this project with my incomings from my job of Web Designer. However, due the Covid Pandemics, I lost my work of Web Design, and now I have on this game, Fursan al-Aqsa, a hope for a new source of incoming, for me being able to spend on behalf of my family. So please, buy my game to support me. Each copy sold will help me too much.

About the game size

The download size of this game is just 9.8 GB. After the installation it grows to 18.71GB, because this game has modding support and all game's assets are decrypted. However, if you want to free some disk space, you can free 3GB if you delete these 2 folders and the files inside them:
  • FursanAqsaGame\UDKGame\Movies\Story
  • FursanAqsaGame\UDKGame\Soundtrack
The first folder contains the Story Videos in MP4 HD format, for all languages. I included them inside the game folder so players don't need to go to YouTube for watching the game's Story Videos. The second folder contains the game soundtrack in wav format, which I included after many player's requesting this to me.

Obs: Due the modding support, the first time you run the game, it will ask to rebuild the game's scripts. Just click on 'Yes' and after the rebuild finishes, launch the game again.


List of Improvements
  • Improved overall game lighting with a fake HDR post processing effect;
  • 9 Campaign Missions (including tutorial) with different environments ranging from Open Maps, Offices, Urban Environment, Bunkers, Military Camps, and so on;
  • Varied gameplay from stealth, strategy, open combat, vehicles driving missions and so on;
  • Many multiplayer maps;
  • Full localization to English, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Arabic;
  • Custom game launcher with options menu;
  • Graphics configuration;
  • Rebind some keys;
  • Added support for Ambient Occlusion;
  • Added support for Motion Blur;
  • Added support for Bloom;
  • Added support for DirectX 9 MSAA - Multi Sampling Anti-Aliasing up to 4x;
  • Added support to DirectX 9 Anisotropy Texture-Filtering up to 6x;
  • Added complete control over Music and SFX volume;
  • FOV selection menu;
  • Select ADS mode between Toggle and Hold;
  • Improved AI;
  • Zionists sometimes self-destruct randomly;
  • Improved knife kills precision;
  • Improved bullet time;
  • Reduced muzzleflashes;
  • Improved bullet physics for all guns;
  • Iron sights animation on first person mode;
  • Fixed one of the worst bugs of my game, on which the guns didn't shoot the enemies whenever the player was leaning in a wall;
  • Level unlock system;
  • Updated training mission;
  • Added Performance Mode for very old PC's which can't run 3D games very well;
  • Original MP4 videos of the game's history to watch directly on you PC, so you can pause and read the text better;
  • Game soundtrack;
  • Steam Achievements coming soon;
  • Challenges Missions coming soon;
  • 3 New Campaign Missions coming soon;
Fursan al-Aqsa by Nidal Nijm Games Launches on PS3, Steam & Xbox 360.jpg


We don't post much PS3Scene stuff these days, but when we do it's a homebrew game that's been in the making for many years... congrats on all your accomplishments along the way @batman and on the full game's official launch! :D
@batman I like the game, but don't support Zionist self-destruction. I am Palestinian, and both in our religion and culture it is wrong and doomed to hell. The game is fine, except for that. Otherwise it is about war which is normal.
This game goes so hard for a one-man developed game! It rules.

You're basically Palestinian Rambo+Jason Bourne and you use guns, knives, tanks, RPGs and sharks to take out the enemy.

The best part about the trailer is the outcry it received because they're all cool with GTA or Call of Duty but this little one-man game goes too far for them, lmao.

Congrats on the release and I'll try to grab a copy soon. A bit broke at the moment but when I have a spare $15 I'll grab a copy.
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