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Proceeding the UDK Ultimate PS3 Update V2 release and my Gears of Kombat Free Game comes Fursan al-Aqsa: Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360! :D

A free demo version will be available soon (ETA end of November), and along with @PSXHAX for support I would like to thank my Brazillian fellow ROD Lima for all his help with Unreal Scripting Programming. He is most known for his Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake in UDK Engine:

I would also like to thank my friends at UDK Engine Forums for all their help and support.

As you may know, recently EPIC asked me to put offline my project UDK Ultimate Engine (the custom build of UDK Engine with PS3 and Xbox 360 Export Support), however, they were very kind with me and allowed me to keep using my custom version of UDK to publish my games.

I even signed with them an Unreal Engine License Commercial Amendment, so now I am a Licensed Unreal Engine Developer and I am ready to pursue my dream of life!

I am Brazillian, from Arab ascendance, my father is from Palestine, and something I never revealed before, and one of the biggest reasons of me creating this game, is that my father was a fighter of the Palestine Resistance Movement, he fought against Israel Army in the Lebanese Civil War on the 70's.

From since I was a kid, I felt too much proud of my father and the Palestine People in general, because of their strength and constant resistance. So this game is kinda tribute to the brave people of Palestine and their resistance against military occupation.

Fursan al-Aqsa: Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque is a third-person action game where you play as Ahmad al-Ghazzawi, a young Palestinian student who was unjustly tortured and jailed by Israeli Soldiers for 5 years, had all his family killed by an Israeli Airstrike and now after getting out from the prison he seeks revenge against those who wronged him and stole his homeland.

This game is being developed during the course of 4 years by one person (me, Nidal Nijm), in a custom version of UDK Engine (Unreal Engine 3), using the best technology to tell a compelling story through a game packed with non stop action, advanced 3D graphics and modern gameplay mechanics, however keeping the soul of old school shooters.

You will play in missions across ground, sea and sky, you have many objectives to accomplish in each mission, epic bosses battles, powerful guns, vehicles to drive, helicopters to take down, and much more. Expect a LOT of action and adrenaline!!!

This game also is greatly inspired by Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Insurgency Sandstorm.

I hope you enjoy this game and support me by purchasing it. I decided to release this game as episodes (missions), each mission by a symbolic value just to cover my development costs, as everyone knows that develop a game is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time and effort.

It will be a very small value, however any copy sold of this game is very important and will truly help me. Please buy this game to support me (whenever I release it), because I truly need your help!

I hope by the end of this month (November) to release a free demo of this game for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 so people can see and feel what my game is about, enjoy the gameplay and feel the action.

I plan to make something similar to Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (if you may remember), on which I will teach the player the basis of the gameplay, like training the player for the true battle that will come on the final game.

About the first episode (mission), I hope to release it at the end of December or beginning of January 2020.

In the Spoiler below are some trailers of the game itself, a Beta version of this game. I am already redoing everything from scratch, remaking the models, animations, and maps, raising the overall quality, polishing things here and there, to deliver a high quality product for all people to enjoy.

Also you can see the new updated model for my character protagonist, and the difference between the new player model and the old one, so you all can be sure I am committed to do my best on this game. These old models were just placeholders for me develop the basic game programming framework and features.

Video Trailers & Screenshots of New Player Model In-Game:

Spoiler: Fursan al-Aqsa Video Trailers & Screenshots

You can follow the development of my game here:
Fursan al-Aqsa Dev Blog Updates:
Fursan al-Aqsa Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque for PS3 by Nidal Nijm Games.jpg



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You can tell how much time and effort was put into this, the game looks on par with many commercial games in my opinion so congratulations on all your hard work and dedication @batman! 🤩

I've mainpaged this now so others can follow your development progress until the free Beta is ready for end-users to check out.


Thanks my friend, thanks for all your support and compliments!!!!

Thanks my brother, yeah, my father is my inspiration of life, he is still alive, and healthy, praise be to GOD, however time has passed, now he is almost 70 years old. I am very proud of my father, and this game is kinda my personal tribute to him and all those who fought for Palestine.


Yeah man, stay connected, I am finishing a very cool demo, greatly inspired by Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, so everyone will have a glimpse of the gameplay mechanics.
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