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Following the PS3 4.80 Firmware update, today PlayStation 3 developer Orion has updated the PS3 Backup Game Manager to GameSonic Manager v3.90 for PS3 CFW 4.80 followed by a fixed version below.

Gamesonic Manager v3.90 Changelog:
  • Updated manager with payload 4.80 (Thanks Joonie)
  • Discless updated file with the CFW 4.80 properly patched.
  • Updated and integrated the mamba payload for CFW 4.80.
Gamesonic Manager v3.90 (Fixed) Changelog:
  • Fixed 2 offset in the mamba payload that could create some problems
  • Mamba verisone updated to 7.2, the latest available before the integration of the support for iso PS2 and PSP
  • Fixed bug that did not start the manager on CFW less than 4.80

Gamesonic-Manager-master-v3.90.pkg (6.2 MB) / 4.80 pack Gamesonic.rar (23.0 MB) / Gamesonic-Manager-master.pkg (6.2 MB Fixed)

To quote, roughly translated: From what I could test on CFW 4.80 Ferrox everything works fine, but if you find any bugs please bring it back. The PRX Loader and Webman are in development.

Credit: A big thank you to Joonie, Habib, Estwald, Deank, Aldo Vargas and all the developer of the PS3 scene.

Gamesonic v3.90.jpg



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PS3 FREEZE when trying to launch GT6 (the only i have) from internal.

PS3 FREEZE when trying to launch any game from external.

Even after hard reset, FREEEEEZE.


Dont use this, guys, just stay on 4.78 and wait.

EDIT: a trusted iris fork, PLAY MANAGER 1.07 Play Manager v1.07.pkg (2.31 MB)

Thanks to SLASH from the official IRIS EOL thread.

This is my preferred manager, this version was tested and recommended by me on 4.80 ferrox. Now you can go to 4.80.

EDIT 2 : Gamesonic 3.90 fixed is ready to download. Works normally now.
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