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Proceeding my UDK Ultimate PS3 Update V2 (Official UDKUltimate Site) and video guide tutorials, today I present via Twitter a Gears of Kombat Free Game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for everyone in the scene to enjoy! 😃

Gears of Kombat - Release Trailer

Support Me

If you liked this project, please consider making a small donation, so that way I will be able to dedicate more time to perfect this project, and make some other cool projects:

Download Links
  • This is a small homebrew game developed with too much love and dedication entirely in UDKUltimate to serve as a showcase of its power.
  • This shows that's possible to create ANY kind of game in UDKUltimate Engine, which is a complete and enhanced version of Unreal Engine 3.
  • To start GearsOfKombat PC just go to Binaries\Win32 and run UDKGame.exe.
  • To run GearsOfKombat PS3 you just need to install the game pkg using a package installer. This game runs on any CFW PS3 and HFW with HEN.
  • To run GearsOfKombat Xbox360 you need to copy this game folder to an USB stick and run the XEX file using XEXMenu (only runs on JTAG/RGH).
  • To avoid menus stretching because of screen size problem, please set your PS3 and Xbox360 to 720p HDMI Widescreen.
  • Don't press any key on cutscene except the skip cutscene button otherwise it will break the cutscene.
  • Sometimes the game over screen does not load up, so manually pause and exit game.
  • You need to be a BADASS MACHO MAN WITH BALLS OF STEEL to beat this game :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • I hope all of you like and enjoy this small but polished game and help me to spread this project on your Facebook, Twitter and Social Media.
  • Cheers for all and Thanks for playing!
Nidal Nijm Games © 2019. All rights reserved.
Gears of Kombat Free Game PS3 via donatelo27
Gears of Kombat - Behind Scenes Trailer
Controller ForceFeedback in UDK on Consoles
Universal Gamepad Support in UDK on PC
Gears of Kombat Free Game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 by Batman.jpg



Hello folks!

Thanks for all the support and positive comments!

About PS4 version, no, unfortunatelly I don't have skills to port Unreal Engine 3 Source Code to PS4.

About making an RPG, yes, it is very possible to do this, I think even on Unreal Engine Developers Network Website have a base framework for RPG Game on UDK.

However, I don't like too much RPG's, I like Blood, and Bullets :D :D :D

My next project, a little ambitious, will be port Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox360. If the final result be good, I will ask for some contribuition (money) to release it. Don't get me wrong guys, please, I know it is not great asking money for a fangame, however, we are all aware that developing a game takes too much time, and efforts, especially in my case which I need to take time from my real life job of web design (my living) to dedicate for game development.

Also there are many studios which are paid to port games for other platforms. Mortal Kombat 11 on Nintendo Switch is an example. The original developers at NetherRealm Studios gave to another studio the entire source code for MK11 alongside the assets from PS4 version, so that studio changed the models, textures, code, to make it run on Switch, and they were paid for this.

So in my case will be, if everything works, will be like if I have done an unlicensed port for PS3, and then I will want to get paid for this work, just for me don't stay in loss. We all know that an official port will never happen.

However, if the final result be sh!t :D :D :D :D so I will release it for free

Please, stay connected.

Next video I will show the behind scenes of Gears of Kombat.

Cheers for all!!!

P.S: I feel too proud and honored of being part of PS3 Scene and getting to know awesome people like you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!


Assalamu Alaykum Brother Muhammad Yousef (I imagine is your name). My real name is Nidal Nijm, I am brazilian, however my father is from palestine. It's good to know another muslim here in this amazing community.

Cheers :D :D :D

Gears of Kombat now on IndieDB:

Hello guys, just a question. How could I get this homebrew game burned into a DVD and played in my PS3 SuperSlim with HEN. I would have to resign the EBOOT.BIN? What other tool I should use?


Hello my friends! Recently EPIC Games contacted me kindly asking the removal of all download links of UDK Ultimate Engine (my modified version of UDK Engine), because this violates their EULA, as no one has the right to distribute a build of UDK Engine, only the games created with UDK can be shared, sold, and so on. You can't even include the UDK Editor for people mod your game, only a Full Unreal Engine 3 Licence gives you this right.

However, EPIC games recognized my love for UDK, my passion and dedication on all these years working with this engine, and they were so nice with me, that they officially gave authorization for keep using my own modified version of UDK Engine to develop and publish my games, even for consoles PS3 and Xbox360, by abiding to the normal UDK Engine license terms!

So showing off gratitude to the folks at EPIC Games and respect, first of all, I removed ALL the UDKUltimate Engine files and download links, so, unfortunately, no one except me will be able to use it anymore. Anyway, I will be always active in the PS3 Scene, I will keep developing free homebrew games, and also commercial games for PC, PS3 and Xbox360, using my modified version of UDK Engine.

Thank you guys for all this support!

P.S: I updated my website to promote my work on game development. By the way, I placed even a photo of me, so you can know who am I. BEWARE! IF YOU SUFFER FROM HEART SICKNESS, DO NOT LOOK AT THAT PHOTO, BECAUSE I AM UGLY AS HELL :D :D :D


Staff Member
Wow.. I guess it's true what they say, that all good things must come to an end. :notworthy:

It's great to hear they took into consideration all the time and dedication you put into this project, and that they're letting you continue your work as long as you abide by their terms, etc. ;)


Yeah man, I am also sad, however, everyone here bear witness that I have done my part and my contribuition to the PlayStation Scene Community, anyway, like you said, that project died now :D

At the same time I am too much happy because EPIC Games were very kind to me, through their attorney, I was given a kind of FULL Unreal Engine 3 License, which was a Dream for me, and this license will allow me continue developing my games.

And as the Arab said, the caravan goes on, so lets move on for my next homebrew to help me gain more visibility for my comercial game later.

Next round comes Mortal Kombat X on PS3 and Xbox360, a free homebrew port of Mortal Kombat X Mobile, which is a fantastic game by the way.

Cheers my brother, and thank you guys for ALL this support!

This is my home made 3D Motion Capture Studio.




Hey guys!!! As I had commented earlier, I will be posting here on YouTube some game prototypes I have created, various game ideas, which I am still deciding which of these prototypes to turn into a complete game.

This first prototype here was an idea I had some time ago when I was playing Turok 2 on the Nintendo 64 emulator, in my opinion one of the best games ever developed. I was playing and I wondered, why not do a Brazilian Turok in the Amazon Rainforest? It would be top, very cool no?

So I sat down and started researching ideas, 3D map references, and started assembling here, there, until this cool prototype came out here. This prototype took about 3 months of work to finish.

The idea of this game's script would look something like this:

A criminal organization is illegally exploiting the Amazon rainforest, illegally trafficking timber, medicinal herbs, spoiling the Amazon rainforest, and kidnapping wild animals to conduct genetic experiments by turning innocent animals into mutant monsters to be sold on the black market as weapons of war.

The protagonist of the game (still unnamed) is an Indian, the last descendant of an Amazon Rainforest Warrior Tribe, who decides on his own to protect the forest, the animals, fighting against this criminal organization.

As you can see, the game is still just a prototype, a way for me to put into a game the ideas I had regarding this project. I will not provide download link, because it does not have a gameplay ready, there are many bugs yet, and I have not optimized this prototype for consoles.

Leave your opinions, if you liked this game idea, if it's worth turning it into a full game, and so on.


NOTE: In this prototype I am using some placeholder 3D models , so if I decide to turn this test into a complete game, these 3D models will be replaced for copyrights reasons.
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